Opinions about Orbegozo AIR 46

Main advantage:

It is a multifunction device that also humidifies the air in the room. In addition, this model performs low power consumption and its noise level is tolerable for most users.

Main disadvantage:

Due to its size and power, this equipment is not recommended for spaces larger than 10 square meters. However, it works efficiently in small rooms.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The Orbegozo Air 46 is a fan that works as a humidifier that is very easy to use because it has a remote control and a timer to program its activation or shutdown. 

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Main Features Explained

Operation and savings

The cool breeze offered by evaporative air conditioners is ideal for summer days, setting the rooms and without worrying about the high costs of the electricity bill, unlike having an air conditioner whose consumption is much higher. 

In the case of the Orbegozo AIR 46 model, we are talking about a multipurpose unit that fulfills the function of air conditioning a room, at the same time that it humidifies the air, for which it has a power of 55W. 

For its part, the three speeds and the oscillating fins allow to regulate the distribution of the air for a more comfortable use of the air conditioner. In terms of operation, this product has a 6-liter water tank that can be removed for filling, as well as cold accumulators that freeze to place in the tank and keep the temperature low for longer.

From this operating principle we can say that it is a natural process based on evaporation, so it can be considered an ecological ventilation system, because it does not produce CO2 emissions and also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. 

In addition, this equipment consumes up to 40-50% less than other conventional cooling systems, which has a positive impact on the user’s pocket. 

noise and ergonomics

If there is something that is repeated a lot in the opinions of users about this equipment, it is that they are surprised by the low noise level that the Orbegozo Air 46 emits in operation. It is specifically 49 decibels that this air conditioner generates, a tolerable level even for the most sensitive people, which does not affect their rest and hours of sleep. 

Regarding the format, this model is among the best evaporative air conditioners because it is compact, its dimensions are 28.2 x 26 x 71 cm and it incorporates wheels to facilitate its transfer, as we know that sometimes it is necessary to move the equipment from one room to another or simply move it around with no hassle.

Likewise, it incorporates a cable holder on the back to keep the equipment organized when not in use, while access to the water tank is simple, which facilitates the refilling of the liquid, necessary after 7 continuous hours of use. Although for some people it is tedious to carry out this work, it is really an advantage that this product does not need evaporation tubes and its efficiency increases in spaces where a window or door can be kept open, so that the air is constantly renewed and circulates normally.. 

user experience

An important aspect that we must look at before seeing the price of an air conditioner is, precisely, its handling and use, since useful equipment must be easy to control, adjust and if it is remote, it will be much more comfortable.

In this sense, the Orbegozo Air 46 remains at the forefront of the most popular refrigeration systems, since it has a front panel with buttons with lights and an LED screen to display the temperature or the chosen function.

The most comfortable thing about this equipment is that it includes a remote control, so you can lie in your bed and make adjustments to the climate control when necessary. 

On the other hand, it is recommended that this air conditioner not be placed in places close to electronic equipment such as the computer, precisely because of its humidity function and some users recommend ensuring that it does not increase to more than 55%. 

It should be noted that the Orbegozo Air 46 has a timer function, so it can be programmed to turn off within a maximum period of 7 hours, offering comfort to the whole family by creating more comfortable environments for everyone. 

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