Opinions about Orbegozo CP 50120

Main advantage:

Among the positively commented aspects about this silent fan, we have its reversible ventilation mode that, with the push of a button, allows you to change the direction of rotation of the blades to enjoy hot or cold air, as you wish.

Main disadvantage:

Despite being a fan equipped with a lighting system, the manufacturer did not include the necessary bulb with the purchase, so you will have to make an extra investment to acquire it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a silent fan belonging to the Orbegozo house, whose functional design offers an elegant aesthetic, which adapts to the different decorations present in the rooms of the home.

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Main Features Explained

reversible ventilation

When we acquire a fan, we hope that said device is capable of offering efficient operation, in terms of keeping the room in which it has been incorporated cool. However, there are models that go beyond a simple refreshment of spaces, adding a convenient reversible working mode. Thus, not only will you be carrying a fan with you to calm the summer heat, but you will also have a functional device that can distribute the hot air in the room in winter.

The presence of this inverted rotation mechanism in the Orbegozo CP 50120 model may be one of the reasons why users recommend the product as the best silent fan.

These are two adjustable working modes by means of a switch, arranged in the structure of the equipment, which you only have to press at the moment you want the blades to change direction.

For example, when starting the fan, the blades will move to the right, so the air flow will be downward, that is, towards the ground, which will allow the usual cooling. On the other hand, when the rotation is reversed, the current will be ascending. In this sense, the hot air concentrated in the room will be sent to the ceiling and distributed evenly.

Remote control

When incorporating a fan into our home, it is important to verify that said equipment has an intuitive operating method that allows it to be programmed quickly and at our convenience. This applies especially if the device is fixed in the ceiling area, since accessing the control panel could become a bit of a messy task for many.

Precisely for this reason, more and more manufacturers are opting for the incorporation of a remote control in their fans, in order to provide a better user experience to all its users.

For example, in the purchase catalog of Orbegozo silent fans, the CP 50120 model stands out, which, according to the opinions of some buyers, is a device that is easy to control through a compact and ergonomic remote control.

Said device has been made of resistant polymer, to withstand the impact of an unexpected fall, while the six duly identified rubber buttons allow a smooth press. In addition, this control has a light indicator to alert you of its operation. Likewise, it has a low energy consumption of only three watts, provided by means of a pair of AA alkaline batteries, which you must incorporate in the compartment designed at the rear of the structure.

Design and manufacturing

Ceiling fans have robust and generally attractive structures that cannot go unnoticed in the room, so it is necessary to select a design that aesthetically adapts to the different spaces in the home. Let us remember that these types of devices are characterized by being functional, that is, they not only offer a current of fresh or warm air, but also serve as a decorative element within the living room, bedroom, kitchen, corridor, etc.

The Orbegozo CP 50120 silent fan is a good example of this. Its structure has been made of high quality aluminum, light, resistant and with a chromed surface that gives it an elegant touch. In addition, this competitively priced device has a stylized design line, in which rounded contours stand out in the central area and a series of precise cuts in each of the six blades integrated into the motor shaft.

On the other hand, we have the lighting system attached right at the junction of the blades, which is a visually attractive detail that adapts to the different decorations, due to the careful work carried out in the finishes of said area. In addition to this, there is the projected lighting that, depending on the type of light from the bulb, can create a cozy atmosphere or improve visibility.

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