Opinions about Orbegozo H55

Main advantage:

Incorporating a single rotary knob for power on and temperature selection represents an intuitive method of operation. Thus, you only have to turn and press to create the spark and turn again to adjust the level of the emission.

Main disadvantage:

After its start-up you will perceive an unpleasant aroma generated by the butane gas. However, if you place the stove in a ventilated place, the aroma will dissipate.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a gas stove from the Spanish brand Orbegozo, which has an elegant and compact design, whose intuitive operation by means of a single button provides great safety.

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Main Features Explained

fast on

Orbegozo, a Spanish manufacturer with a long history in the market and one of the leading brands when it comes to heating, kitchen and bathroom items, presents the model H55 stove. It is a piece of equipment that is characterized by having a fast and safe ignition method, which are aspects of great importance verified by buyers, in order to enjoy a correct start-up.

The first thing that you will be interested to know is that these stoves have been provided with piezoelectric, integrated into a rotary type control arranged in the upper part of the structure. Its function is to start the device, while allowing us to regulate the temperature in up to three levels. Each mode is duly marked in white around the controller button.

Previously, you will have to identify the butane gas regulator located on the back of the stove and connect the respective tube. In this way, you can proceed to press the aforementioned control. Thus, the gas will begin to be distributed through all the ducts of the device. Next, you’ll need to turn the controller and press it again, but this time for five seconds to ignite the spark. Likewise, it is possible to adjust the temperature to your liking, according to the levels offered.

Power and security system

The power of our heating equipment is an aspect that we cannot let go unnoticed, since it will determine many relevant aspects regarding the operation of the device. Let us remember that, according to the work force, it will be the maximum volume of heat emitted after start-up, which in turn must be adapted to the dimensions of the room in which we will use it. Thus, we will be able to make the most of the heat level. On the other hand, there is the issue of security. In this sense, the manufacturer takes into consideration that the flame generated for the heating process could go out due to lack of oxygen and cause an incident, due to the free passage of gas.

Orbegozo H55 is a stove that, according to buyers’ opinions, has emphasized all these aspects, offering a powerful product with high safety standards. Its working power corresponds to 3000 watts and it can be manually regulated in three different temperatures, just by turning a button. In addition, the stove was provided with an automated disconnection system, which cuts off the passage of gas when there is a flame failure or when a high concentration of carbon monoxide (CO 2) is detected in the room.

Format and transport

The comfort and practicality offered by the stove, when handling it, are characteristics that every buyer wants to enjoy, because it is a piece of equipment that you will most likely need to move from one room to another, in order to maintain warmth in all areas. of home. For all these reasons, it is necessary that, apart from having a compact size, the casing also incorporates a bearing system or handles that allow quick, easy and safe movement.

Orbegozo, always thinking about the well-being and comfort of his followers, decided to integrate a convenient base with four pivoting wheels and a pair of ergonomic side handles, arranged in the upper part of the structure, into his H55 stove. Thus, you can hold them without problems to direct the trajectory of the wheels.

In addition, its low weight of 8.39 kilograms added to the depth, width, height format of the device, which corresponds to 29 x 40 x 70 centimeters, will allow you to place the equipment in any room, without causing discomfort with respect to the existing furniture. All these characteristics, added to its competitive price, are pleasantly commented on in the different purchase portals and, in short, make this one of the best stoves, according to critics.

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