Opinions about Orbegozo PB 2010

Main advantage:

If you are one of those who prefers a conventional product, this classic bathroom scale is one of the ones that has the best opinions on the market, both for its adjusted price and for having a good quality measurement system.

Main disadvantage:

As with other traditional bathroom scales, this product has a somewhat lower precision, so that it measures weight kilo by kilo and not with the usual 100-gram precision of digital models.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A traditional cut model that could even be the best bathroom scale within the segment of mechanical models, offering pleasant comfort and simplicity to the user.

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Main Features Explained

Measuring system

The Orbegozo PB 2010 model falls within the more traditional bathroom scales, leaving aside the electrical system of the most current products and maintaining the mechanical measurement system. So with this product you don’t have to worry about batteries or any other problem when measuring your weight.

You also have no problems when it comes to seeing this measurement, since the scale offers us a good-sized dial with large numbers, as well as a central needle, on which the measuring disk stops once you have controlled the weight. The only but is that you will have to try not to move too much when viewing the data, in order not to alter that measurement by lowering your head. Although it is enough to wait a second for the weight to center again.

Regarding its capacity, this product is capable of measuring weights of up to 120 kilos, so even users of a certain size will not have problems in this regard. However, even if the weight slightly exceeds this limit, you will not have any problems either, since the scale simply performs the measurement, with an additional turn of the disc on which the weight is indicated.

Adjustment and precision of weighing

Since we are talking about a mechanical model, it is obvious that the precision of the product in weighing is not as exact as in digital products, which are generally capable of measuring with differences of approximately 100 grams. In this case, the measurement of the scale is made at 1 kilo levels, although if you have a good eye when reading the scale, you will be able to estimate the weight with a little more precision.

This precision is also adjustable when weighing, by means of the adjustment disc located in the lower part. This disc allows the scale to be adjusted directly to zero, thus correcting possible floor defects when placing the product, which can alter the precision of these measurements. So you just have to gently move the wheel to adjust the product to the zero level and get even more precise measurements. Of course, it is convenient to check this adjustment frequently, in case the wheel accidentally moves and the scale becomes unregulated for any reason.

Other product features

To finish with the detailed analysis of this model, let’s see some more data regarding what this product makes available to us. One of those characteristics has to do with the physical measurements of the product. We are talking about a very compact bathroom scale, measuring 26.3 centimeters long by 25.7 wide and over 5 centimeters high. So it is a small model and on which you may have to do some fitting to get on correctly.

However, this does not pose a risk to your security. On the one hand, because the product includes high-quality non-slip elements in the lower area, which prevent the scale from moving when you get on it, as long as you do it carefully. You also do not have to worry when it comes to being on the surface, since the main area of ​​​​the scale also has non-slip material on the upper part, where we climb, to prevent slipping.

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