Opinions about Orbegozo SP5020

Main advantage:

This model is among the wall heaters that have the best opinions among users, having adequate power and a simple and quality operating system.

Main disadvantage:

Compared to some more advanced products, even from the manufacturer itself, this specific model does not have a digital screen, but instead informs us of its operation through the complex system of lights that is common in these heaters.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A proposal of compact size and with which you will not have problems when it comes to heating rooms comfortably and with both direct and remote control, through the included remote control, with an adequate price for what it offers us.

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Main Features Explained

heating system

As with the best heaters on the market, within the wall category, this product incorporates a two-element system when it comes to generating and pouring heat into the room, in a split-type model that is easy to install. on the wall.

The first of these elements is a set of bars, which work by means of electrical powers of 1,000 and 2,000 watts respectively, depending on whether you use only one or both in parallel. We are talking about two PTC-type ceramic resistors, with good performance when it comes to heating up. So, in this aspect, the product maintains a good capacity to heat small and medium-sized rooms.

In order for this heat to be diffused efficiently, the product also includes an internal fan, which fits perfectly into the split-type format of the heater. This fan is also adjustable and can even be used without the need for heat, in cool mode, so that when the heat arrives you can also have some fresh air in the conventional way. In addition, this heat is distributed through the oscillating function of the outlet area, in the manner of an air conditioning split, for greater efficiency.

Control system

Although it does not reach the technology and capacity offered by the best heater of the moment, within its category, the truth is that this product does have a simple and efficient control system, where no detail is lacking when it comes to knowing that is doing the device and choose the options that suit us best when it comes to heating our room.

In principle, the product has a control panel, located on the front of the device. This panel has two buttons, in which to set both the operating temperature (choosing one or two resistances, or the cold air mode), and also the option to activate the included timer, which allows the product to be turned off for up to 8 hours. after its power on.

All these options are reflected in the luminous screen of the product, which indicates the remaining operating time or its operating status. These options can also be managed through the included remote control, so you don’t have to get up from the chair when turning off the air or changing its operating power.

Installation and security

To finish off this model and everything it offers us, the product also has an installation system and considerable security measures. Starting with this installation, we are talking about a split-type product with a weight of about 2.95 kilos, so it is not too complicated to assemble it, as long as you choose the appropriate plugs and screws for it.

As for choosing the space for the product, the measurements of the equipment are not a problem either. We are talking, specifically, of a product with measurements of 52 centimeters wide by 19.5 centimeters high and 12 centimeters thick or deep. Therefore, it is not something too cumbersome when it comes to mounting it, nor will it take up a lot of wall.

Finally, in terms of safety, this model has everything you need to calmly heat any room. An aspect in which the product has a thermostat, with which to keep the device away from excessive temperatures or risk. An extra peace of mind with which to also avoid the deterioration suffered by other products of poorer quality, due to excessive heating of the heater’s plastics.

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