Opinions about Orbegozo TWM 1010

Main advantage:

Orbegozo offers you a tower fan with enough power to cool a medium-sized room, along with useful functions such as a timer and special modes that can adapt its performance to the characteristics of the environment.

Main disadvantage:

The fan offers several modes of operation, but some have programmed changes in power that generate noise when changing the intensity of the equipment, which can bother those who are light sleepers.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The tower fan is powerful, attractive and easy to use, so you can enjoy a much more pleasant and comfortable environment when you sleep or just sit on the sofa to watch TV.

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Main Features Explained


Technical details

One of the features that you should carefully review when looking for the best tower fan is the technical aspects of its manufacture; that is, all the information regarding its design, whether from an aesthetic or practical point of view.

In this sense, the Orbegozo TWM 1010 model tower fan is comfortable to have in the room considering its dimensions and design. It has a size of 18.5 x 88.3 x 24 centimeters and is gray with black details, presenting both an ergonomic and compact style.

In addition, it should be noted that it is also light with a weight of just 4.5 kilograms, allowing it to be easily manipulated as required. Its casing is made of plastic and has a wide base, to remain stable at all times.

As structural accessories, in the upper part the fan has a hidden space where the buttons have been located for its operation, apart from a handle that will help you carry it more comfortably when you need it.

Tower fan capacity

To find a purchase alternative in tower fans that have a good value for money, it is necessary to study its capacity, according to aspects such as, for example, the size of the room where you plan to install it or how hot it is where you live.

Consequently, it is important that you know that the Orbegozo tower fan is a very useful alternative for domestic use. It has a power of 45W and a programmable system with which you can choose between 3 different operating modes.

Specifically, the modes are Normal, Breeze and Night, where each one has its own established programming, according to the manufacturer’s parameters. In Normal mode the maximum power of the equipment will be activated, in Breeze mode the intensity will decrease a little in case it is cold and, finally, its Night mode designed to avoid annoying noises when sleeping.

Device functions

It is likely that some users will see their purchase opinions influenced by the functions that certain equipment is capable of carrying out. These, depending on the model, can be as varied as determining a shutdown time or accessing different cooling modes.

In the case of the Orbegozo TWM 1010 tower fan, we find a practical timer that you can program to automatically turn off the equipment up to 12 hours after having activated it. This will help prevent you from accidentally leaving it on and consuming more power than necessary.

On the other hand, it also offers an environmental thermometer to detect the temperature of the environment and automatically adjust the cooling intensity on the fan if you have activated the appropriate mode. In addition, you can decide whether or not to take advantage of the ionic function of the device to improve air quality.

team complements

When talking about tower fans, it is also convenient to pay attention to the accessories and complements that are incorporated in the equipment, either to increase the performance capacity or the ergonomics of its handling, for example.

Reviewing the details about the Orbegozo brand product, we are pleased to announce that your purchase includes a remote control with which you can use the fan without affecting your comfort. It’s small in size so you can keep it on your nightstand without getting in the way, and the fan itself also has a built-in control panel. You will find the buttons in a compartment that is located on the top of the fan, in case you ever lose the remote control.

In addition to this, the device has an FND-type digital screen with a backlight system where you can see which mode is activated, the power, selected functions and other information regarding the device’s performance.

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