Opinions about Philips Airfryer XL

Main advantage:

The most remarkable quality of this modern fryer is that it has the exclusive Rapid Air technology, thanks to which it can rotate hot air up to 7 times faster than other models; which favors cooking without oil and in a short time.

Main disadvantage:

A user manual with instructions in Spanish would be appreciated. However, it is a device with a digital panel that for many is simple and intuitive to use.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is an efficient, reliable, high-quality appliance and is backed by a prestigious brand. For this reason, many recommend it as a good buy.

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Main Features Explained

Rapid Air brand and technology

Philips is one of the most prestigious brands in the technology market worldwide. Although it is focused on the health care and electronics sector, it is also a manufacturer that designs and manufactures a wide variety of high-end home appliances. Such is the case of air fryers, a device that allows you to enjoy an infinite number of healthy recipes in a short time.

In this sense, we have the Airfryer XL, a model that has very good opinions on the net, given its high quality, competitive price and high performance. To do this, it is an appliance that has been equipped by Philips with the modern and innovative Rapid Air technology, an advance in terms of efficiency when preparing your favorite dishes.

Thanks to this plus, you will be able to prepare your favorite foods using little or no type of added oil; for which the dishes result with up to 90% less fat. Likewise, it is a machine that has a power of 1900 watts and that provides a flow of hot air that can be 7 times faster than in other similar products; which favors cooking in less time and with optimal heat distribution.

The results are healthier, more delicious dishes that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Plus, thanks to the combination of heat and rapid airflow, your meals will be ready 1.5 times faster than using a conventional oven.

Capacity and easy handling

The Philips Airfryer Xl could be one of the best air fryers if you’re looking for efficiency and capacity. With an XL size, it is a device specially designed to meet the needs of three or four people. You can prepare food for family or friends and everyone can eat at the same time, without having to wait.

It is a machine designed with great cooking capacity, which is enough to prepare up to 1.2 kilos of food; or 5 servings of food. For this, it has a wide frying pan, which allows you to prepare a wide variety of meals and thus, please the tastes of all diners.

On the other hand, it is a simple appliance to handle; thanks to its intuitive digital panel. It has five preset programs and a rotary wheel that allows you to easily adjust the temperature range, from 60 to 200ºC; depending on the food you want to prepare.

Similarly, you have the option to save two favorite settings; the dishes that you like the most, be it breakfast or dinner. With just a press of the star pad, you can store your favorite recipe settings and cook them quickly. In addition, it is a device that does not need preheating time.

versatile design

Today it is essential to choose appliances that make your life easier and that offer more than one function. Such is the case with this air fryer that not only allows you to fry and enjoy crispy food without fat, its versatile design also offers you many more cooking possibilities. So you can cook, bake, roast, grill and even reheat.

Its structure is made of heat-resistant plastic and its weight of 7.6 kilos gives it stability. Likewise, in order to improve the use and cleaning experience, it has a removable non-stick mesh that prevents food from sticking. In addition to this, its removable parts can be taken to the dishwasher for greater comfort.

With the purchase you will receive a very useful mini recipe book and in the NutriU application, more than 1000 recipes are available so you can get the most out of your fryer.

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