Opinions about Pikolin E-Sleep

Main advantage:

This smart mattress stands out because it has a unique and personalized digital system, which is responsible for analyzing the rest data and sleep phases, subsequently being transmitted to an App to be processed, so its technology is very advanced.

Main disadvantage:

The cost of this smart mattress might be a bit high for some people, but its Adapt-Tech pocket spring system and good cushioning make it worth the investment.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This model stands out for the quality of its materials, its pocket spring system and its advanced technology for digital monitoring of the user’s sleep, improving their experience.

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Main Features Explained

Advanced and smart technology

The Pikolin Home E-Sleep model is an innovative smart mattress that uses a unique and personalized digital rest system, called Smart P!k, which is in charge of keeping a record, collecting the important data of the user’s rest and transmitting it to a mobile App, where they are statistically analyzed and processed.

This innovative Smart Pik technology was chosen as Product of the Year 2018 in the Innovation Grand Prix, so we would be talking about one of the best pocket spring mattresses this season, according to the opinions of users who recommend it.

Among the data that is collected by this smart device incorporated into the E-Sleep mattress, we have the temperature of the room, as well as the details of the phases of sleep. After being processed, these data are reported in a personalized way to the people who sleep in it. Once you buy this model, you need to download the Smart P!K app, which is available for free on the playstore, both on iOS and Android, to synchronize it with the Pikolin mattress.

This application has 3 different data collection modes, such as: Sleep mode, which allows knowing the quality of the user’s rest, the time they fall asleep and takes note of any element that has interfered with sleep; the Coach mode, through which personalized challenges and advice are provided to the user that will allow them to improve the quality of rest, and the My Mattress mode that tells the user the right time to turn the mattress, as well as the process of turnover and number of bacteria.

spring system

The Pikolin Home E-Sleep model has 5-zone Adapt Tech spring block technology with Viscofoam and HR shock absorbers. This means that the structure of the mattress has a combination of both systems to allow correct adaptation to the exact contour of the body, so it is possible for the mattress to adapt to the weight and morphology of each user, offering high firmness, adaptability and optimal rest.

The Adapt Tech system is a block of tempered steel springs that are independent of each other, which have been individually bagged in a resistant fabric. For its part, the manufacturer points out that the rows of these springs were welded by ultrasound, in a way that allows them to form a single core capable of adapting to the physical shape of the sleeper, point by point.

On the other hand, this mattress has been padded with highly soft Stretch fabric, in Supersoft/Viscofoam viscoelastic, being equipped with a triple barrier, which allows medium-high breathability. Additionally, it has a special hypoallergenic treatment against fungi, bacteria and mites, all of which are determining factors to favor the user’s rest, welcoming their body comfortably and helping to reduce muscle pressure.


Another positive aspect that this new smart mattress has is that it has support handles that allow it to be handled easily and quickly, which is very useful in case you need to transport the mattress or to move it from place to place. In addition, they are highly effective for turning the mattress, since specialists recommend turning it at least every six months, although the digital device will indicate when it is appropriate to turn your Pikolin mattress.

Finally, it should be noted that this model has a very striking design with a modern combination of colors and patterns, and you can choose the size you need, because the manufacturer has a wide variety of sizes. All this innovative and intelligent technology, together with the spring system and the design of this model, are elements that probably affect the high price of this product, but it does not stop it from being one of the most popular pocket spring mattresses. From the market.

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