Opinions about Pikolin Naturbox

Main advantage:

The minimalist style and neutral tones of the structure, in short, are a couple of design features that buyers have praised in this folding sofa, as it adapts to any type of existing decoration in the room.

Main disadvantage:

The product is only available in cherry, brown, and white tones, which can be a bit limiting for those who want to purchase a black-tone divan.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a folding sofa that incorporates a practical opening mechanism by means of pistons, which allows you to access the interior from any of the angles of the structure.

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Main Features Explained

Design and format

Pikolin is a brand of Spanish origin that has managed to consolidate a long history in the market, being a leader in the world of articles for rest, which is why it has also achieved a good position throughout Europe. Among the products to be highlighted in its purchase catalog you will find the Naturbox model folding sofa, which has an elegant and minimalist structure.

In this sense, the product will adapt perfectly to the type of decoration present in your room. Its white design has a rectangular shape with rounded ends, which results in a romantic and quite pleasant aesthetic for the sofa. Inside, there are a couple of small folding structures on the sides, which make it easy to open and close the top cover at any time.

In addition, we cannot forget to comment a little about the importance of the format of this Pikolin Naturbox sofa, considering that these dimensions will determine the compatibility of the surface with the size of the mattress, the interior storage volume and the space to be occupied, once that you place the product inside the room. So, regarding the size, we have that it is equivalent to 135 x 190 x 32 centimeters, respectively.

Manufacturing and cleaning

The quality of the raw material used to manufacture a folding sofa is one of the characteristics that we cannot let go unnoticed, since it enhances the level of durability, resistance and stability offered. In addition, you will need these materials to be easy to clean, so as not to have problems keeping the structure free of dust and any other type of dirt, which gradually causes deterioration.

The Pikolin developers studied the aforementioned aspects and, based on this, selected the materials for the construction of what could be the best Naturbox folding sofa. Thus, they incorporated solid wood in its structure and handle, while the top has been upholstered with the brand’s own technology. It is a 3D fabric with an air system base, which gives the design an adequate level of perspiration, so that the mattress always remains fresh and free of bad odors and bacteria.

Additionally, the canapé can be easily cleaned by simply rubbing a soft, damp cloth over the entire structure. Then, you should go over these areas with another dry cloth to remove excess water. For the area of ​​the cover, you will have to apply a specialized product, which is suitable for the type of upholstery, so that it does not cause wear on the fibers.

quick opening

The folding sofas are support bases with an upholstered surface on which we place our mattress. Its main attraction is the incorporation of a storage area within the same structure, which can be through a folding top cover or a series of drawers arranged on the sides.

Pikolin Naturbox is a model with a fairly competitive price, which, according to the opinions of the buyers, saves space and maintains order in the room. In addition, its opening is very simple and intuitive to carry out.

The surface of the structure or hinged lid incorporates a mechanism of metal pistons, which work together with a pair of fittings. Both pieces have been varnished with professional black paint, with anticorrosive treatment. Said components facilitate the process of opening and closing the cover of the bed in the frontal direction.

Thus, you will have no problems accessing the interior of the container from any of the angles of the sofa. Likewise, you can store any type of objects in it. Of course, these should be medium in size, so that the cover fits properly when closed. Also, it is important that you take into consideration that the space you have at your disposal for the adaptation corresponds to an interior volume of 667 liters.

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