Opinions about Remock Lockey Pro

Main advantage:

This model is disputed between the so-called invisible security locks, which cannot be seen from the outside. Therefore, it is a security measure for your home that will not be detected by thieves, as it does not have any element visible from the street.

Main disadvantage:

Although the product is prepared for remote opening from the mobile, it is necessary to buy an additional kit that provides it with Bluetooth connectivity, since it is not included with the initial pack.

Verdict: 9.5/10

An ideal solution as a second lock for any home, with advantages such as keyless opening and a high-resistance design, which makes it difficult for friends of others to open it.

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Main Features Explained

main design

Located among the best security locks on the market, we find this model, with an adjusted price and whose design is one of the main reasons for its success. And it is that, unlike conventional security locks, whose presence can be perceived on the door and must be opened with a key, this product dispenses with both elements.

We are talking about an invisible lock, so that its presence goes completely unnoticed from the outside. There is no visible cylinder, hardware or other elements that would make thieves suspect that the lock is inside. So it is a very discreet measure to protect access to your home.

This system obviously prevents the opening of the lock using a conventional key. But there is no problem at this point, since being an electronic lock it can be opened using the remote controls included with the product. A system similar to the one we use to open a car remotely. By the way, the lock can also be opened from the mobile, although it is necessary to buy a Bluetooth connection kit separately, as it is not included with the base product.

door closing system

Regarding the door closing system, we are faced with a different and very safe approach. This system has a support for the door with two rings, both made of a high-resistance material, and which is firmly installed on the door, in the frame area.

The other fundamental element is the locking bolt, which once activated inserts it into the aforementioned rings. This generates the closure of the door, in a procedure that, provided it is properly installed, is very safe as a second lock or reinforcement lock for any door.

This lock bolt is activated and deactivated using the included remote controls, but we can also open the lock from the inside. To do this, the product incorporates a specific handle, which avoids having to go looking for the command to open. A solution that also serves as a unlocking system for the lock, in the event of a power failure or any other inconvenience during the use of the product. By the way, the product also has a second opening motor, to carry out an emergency opening when the main motor fails.

lock installation

To complete the product, its installation process is not particularly complicated. At least, according to the different opinions on the matter. The installation process begins with the placement of the bolt bridge in the frame area. This bridge is screwed on the inside, and it must be ensured that the area in which it is placed is suitable for later placing the lock.

This lock is screwed directly onto the door, using the hardware included with the product. Specifically, a system of four deep-seated anchoring points is included, so that the lock is also connected to the correct door, in order to prevent someone from opening the door with a simple kick.

Regarding the electrical installation, this product is independent of the plugs, with two AA batteries inside. These batteries are what supply the operating power of the product, including an alarm system, to notify you when the batteries do not have enough power to work. Anyway, in case of problems, the lock does not close, in order to avoid problems if you are away from home. 

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