Opinions about Roca Dama Retro

Main advantage: 

The manufacturer included some accessories in the purchase package for this toilet lid, designed to improve the user’s installation experience. Thus, you will find next to the product a pair of hinges and the necessary screws so that you can fix them.

Main disadvantage: 

The opening and closing mechanism of this toilet lid has been criticized, as some buyers say this area does not offer adequate durability.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This toilet lid offers elegant aesthetics, a resistant structure and an intuitive assembly. In addition, its spacious format adapts to different types of toilets and its washing method is simple.

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Main Features Explained

Mounting and accessories

If you are looking for the best cover for WC, you should know that Roca Dama Retro is positioned as one of them, since it has an intuitive assembly method, incorporates the necessary accessories for its fixing and also its acquisition price is quite competitive.

The first thing you should know is that these WC covers integrate a pair of independent-type lag screws into their structure. These are metal pieces arranged so that you can easily screw the lid to the toilet bowl. Then, you must completely fit the structure of the lid on the respective supports found on the cup until you hear the adjustment sound.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention the accessories included in the purchase package, such as a pair of hinges made of stainless steel. Likewise, you will find a set of metal screws with anticorrosive treatment to carry out the fixing of the lid on the cup. It is important to clarify that thanks to these accessories, the assembly experience is much faster and easier, according to the opinions of the buyers. In addition, this way you can save both time and money, by not having to purchase the parts separately from a department store or website.

Design and finishes

Giorgetto Giugiaro, designer of the famous Roca house, this time has managed to capture the attention of the WC lid market with this Dama Retro design, exclusive to the brand. It is a toilet lid with a seat, equipped with a pair of easy-to-remove hinges.

This toilet lid has an elegant aesthetic in a bright white tone with a lot of personality. In addition, the structure offers detailed finishes and in the lower area of ​​the seat it incorporates four cushioning bases, while the surface of the lid offers a pleasant soft touch. These are all distinctive features, which highlight the high level of quality of the product. 

We cannot fail to mention the round and elongated body of the lid, in which a quite feminine design line with Venetian finishes stands out. In this sense, the product manages to convey a concept charged with sweetness and warmth that everyone will notice when entering the bathroom.

There are many positive opinions registered in the purchase portals specialized in toilet seats about this Roca Dama Retro model, in which its attractive design and quality finishes are praised. 

Compatibility and cleaning

It is important that when thinking about changing the lid of your toilet, keep in mind that not all models are compatible with it. Hence, the importance of verifying the technical specifications regarding the format of the structure and the anchoring method. Thus, you will be able to contrast them with the format and design of the cup, avoiding any type of future mishap. In this sense, it will not matter if it is the best toilet lid or the one with the most affordable price, if it is not compatible with your toilet.

For example, Dama Retro from the Roca house offers greater compatibility with low-tank toilets of the same brand, whose bowl has a vertical or horizontal outlet. Likewise, you can take as a reference its length – width dimensions, corresponding to 45 x 32.7 centimeters respectively, which are quite spacious measurements.

Regarding the issue of cleaning, we have that this toilet lid can be directly exposed to water and rubbed with detergent without causing deterioration of the polymer. However, it is important that you be careful and avoid the accumulation of moisture in the hinges, since according to the opinions of the users, these can corrode due to the generation of rust.

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