Opinions about Roca Dama Senso

Main advantage: 

This WC cover incorporates a pair of removable hinges that are easy to assemble, being a quite flattering aspect commented on the web. In this sense, you will only need the help of a screwdriver and some screws to fix the equipment to the toilet.  

Main disadvantage: 

Although the mounting accessories are incorporated, there are those who prefer to use cushioned hinges for adjustment to the WC, but this is a relative factor.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This cover is designed for those who want an elegant and resistant product, manufactured with high-end raw materials and with a standard format adaptable to all types of toilets.

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Main Features Explained

Format and montage

Roca is a manufacturer with great prestige in the market, whose products stand out for having a completely intuitive assembly method. Thanks to this, the brand has been deserving of positive opinions on specialized portals by critics and users. In this sense, the Dama Senso model is currently positioned among the best covers for WC.

It is a piece of equipment with a good acquisition price and a standard format, which allows the cover an adequate level of compatibility with any type of toilet. This is possible thanks to its length, width, depth corresponding to 51 x 38.8 x 6.2 centimeters. In addition, you can handle it with great ease thanks to its weight of only 3.3 kilograms.

On the other hand, the issue of mounting the accessory stands out, which is a fairly simple process to execute. This is possible because the Roca Dama Senso toilet seats have been provided with a removable hinge mechanism, which suggests a completely intuitive process for which you will only need a screwdriver and some screws. Thus, you will be able to carry out the task of fixing the pieces on the toilet by yourself and without the help of a professional.


As far as design is concerned, WC covers are usually quite varied, so it will not be difficult for you to find a model that suits your needs for use and aesthetics in the bathroom. For example, Roca Dama Senso is a functional, anatomical, safe model with a competitive price. 

This toilet seat stands out from the other models due to its square design, which in turn has a slight curvature on the upper edges, being a detail designed to add a touch of delicacy and elegance to the structure. In this sense, by acquiring the product and installing it on the toilet, we will be incorporating a decorative element with a minimalist cut that adapts to any bathroom and that definitely will not go unnoticed.

It is important to refer to the detailed and well-kept finishes present throughout the structure, as well as its robust body with a fairly stylized cutting line. In addition, we cannot forget its folding mechanism, which will allow us to raise and lower the lid without any inconvenience.


WC covers must offer a robust structure, whose raw material is capable of offering an adequate level of resistance. In this sense, we not only refer to the wear generated on the product by the respective daily use, but also that caused due to bacterial agents from the humidity of the bathroom. In addition, we cannot ignore the deterioration caused by the passage of time.

Roca Dama Senso is a WC lid made of wood chipboard and varnished with professional white enamel. It is important to mention that this material arises from an industrial compression process, in which the wood is exposed to a high temperature while it is mixed with a special resin. The result is a stable, resistant sheet with a pleasant soft touch.

Likewise, the structure features a pair of stainless steel hinges, which is another material with great properties such as its non-deformable body and resistance to the corrosive effects of humidity.

It is a product with high quality standards in terms of its manufacture and at a fairly affordable price, which will accompany you for many years, so according to the options of the buyers, it could be the best cover for the WC.

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