Opinions about Roca Debba A355994000

Main advantage: 

Its design has managed to capture the attention of users, since it has a robust but stylized body in which detailed finishes stand out, highlighting the quality of the product. Thus, it will also serve as a decorative accessory in the bathroom.

Main disadvantage: 

A disadvantageous aspect is the absence of the tap system. In this sense, you will have to acquire it separately. However, the brand has several models that can be combined with the model.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

This bidet has a compact format that will not take up too much space in the bathroom. In addition, its manufacture in porcelain gives the structure resistance and ease of cleaning.

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Main Features Explained


Roca is a manufacturer with a long history in the market, which is recognized by critics and users worldwide. Their bidets offer designs with high quality standards and varied styles, which adapt to different bathrooms, giving them a distinctive touch that will hardly go unnoticed. In fact, its positioning has been such that the brand is currently present in around 130 nations.

Its Debba A355994000 model is a robust bidet that combines a body with stylized lines and a square upper area with rounded edges. It is a product whose structure offers an elegant, minimalist aesthetic with a lot of personality in a bright, intense white colour. 

The finishes stand out for being detailed and having been well cared for during the manufacturing process. In this sense, when you acquire this model from the Roca house, you will not only be incorporating a bidet into the bathroom, but also an element that will complement the decoration of said space.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the equipment has been designed to be used with single-lever type faucets. This is due to the fact that it has a single hole for the placement of its respective faucet, which is not attached with the purchase.

Raw material and cleaning

The raw material used to manufacture the selected bidet is a determining factor with regard to the resistance, durability and cleaning method offered. Likewise, the level of quality of said material can influence the price of the product.

In the case of Roca Debba A355994000, its developers chose to use a material with great properties for its construction, such as porcelain. It is a slab whose origin dates back to the Tang dynasty in China from the period 618 – 907 AD, which was originally the product of cooking kaolin and feldspar minerals. Over time the composition evolved, adding clay and quartz to its initial ingredients. In this sense, porcelain is a material considered by experts to be sophisticated and capable of providing a long useful life. In addition, it has a pleasant soft touch.

Regarding the cleaning process, you will like to know that porcelain is usually quite hygienic. This is due to its lack of porosity, so it tends to collect less dirt or absorb moisture. In this sense, you will have no problem washing the surface, being necessary to rub it with a soft sponge soaked in detergent, and then remove the excesses with plenty of water.

Dimensions and mounting

The dimensions of a bidet are usually an aspect that buyers emphasize, since its format must match the space intended for its assembly. In this sense, it is a question of a couple of characteristics that are directly related.

Debba A355994000 is a model that stands out in the market as one of the best bidets from Roca, which has been provided with width, length, and height measurements corresponding to 54 x 35.5 x 40 centimeters. These are fairly compact dimensions, which suggest space savings and easy handling, when fixing said structure in the bathroom. Likewise, it is important to mention other lengths of interest, which you will need to know for the placement of the taps. Thus, we have the height set for the water intake system, which is 18 centimeters, and the distance between them, which is equivalent to 15 centimeters.

On the other hand, there is the issue of assembly, which according to the opinions of users found on the web, is usually quite simple and intuitive. Best of all, the manufacturer has included a small fixing kit in the purchase package, in which you will find everything you need to carry out the coupling of the structure on the surface.

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