Opinions about Roca Evolution A2H0416000

Main advantage:

This is an elegant column that has a built-in hydromassage, which includes, among its functions, massage jets, an overhead shower, another waterfall shower and a practical manual shower head, which together allow the bathing experience to be pleasant and relaxing.

Main disadvantage:

For a correct operation of this shower column it is necessary that there is a good water pressure, because otherwise the cascade massage function could not be effective. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you want to enjoy more stimulating and satisfying showers, this accessory would be a good option, because it is elegant, modern and multifunctional, thanks to its hydromassage design. 

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Main Features Explained

shower column design

The Evolution A2H0416000 shower column offered by the Roca brand has an elegant, attractive design, with a chromed structure that gives it a unique and modern style, being easy to clean to preserve its good condition. In addition, its contemporary and rectangular lines allow this shower system to adapt properly to the decoration of your bathroom.

In line with the above, we must point out that this shower has a wall-mounted installation system and incorporates in its structure an upper rectangular shower head, two hydromassage jets directed at the neck and lower back, and includes a hand-held shower. pretty handy phone.

Similarly, it is important to highlight that this model has been made of stainless steel, a highly resistant material that, if you give it proper care, could last for years without problems of oxidation and the effects of corrosion. On the other hand, in terms of its measurements, it has dimensions of 22 cm long and 12.9 cm high, so it has the recommended size to install this type of shower columns.


As a complement to this analysis, we can say that among the functions of this wall shower, we have that the upper shower head maintains an adequate, uniform and very fluid flow of water, in the form of rain, being appropriate for a pleasant massage experience during the shower.. Likewise, the hand shower integrated into this column is specially designed for washing specific areas of the body.

For their part, the hydromassage jets are adapted to the upper and lower levels, directing the water both at the level of the back and the lower extremities; while the waterfall flow option has been specially designed to relax the neck and shoulder area, offering an invigorating and relaxing sensation to the user. 

Each function can be chosen through the 3 inverter controls incorporated into the structure, thanks to the fact that it has 5 different water outlets and you only have to turn the control to one side or the other, although you can also combine several functions, to reduce the intensity of the water flow according to your needs and thus be able to give you a constant massage or a hydromassage.

Despite the therapeutic and relaxing effects that this bathroom accessory could provide, the manufacturer recommends that in case of serious conditions, as well as for the elderly, young children and pregnant women, this shower system should be used with caution.  

Accessories and mounting

The Roca Evolution A2H0416000 shower column includes all the accessories that are necessary for its assembly, such as screws, plugs, supports, connectors, pipes, etc., as well as a fairly detailed instruction manual in Spanish, so it is not No additional parts need to be purchased for installation.

Regarding its assembly, you should know that this column is designed to be placed on the wall and on a shower tray, not being suitable for a bathtub. Its installation is quite simple, although if you do not have much experience in DIY, it is recommended that you look for a specialized technician to help you assemble it, because that way it will work correctly.

All the analyzed functions, together with the thermostatic faucet and the selector that allows you to choose the degree of temperature you want, as well as the quality and support of the Roca brand, could position this model as the best shower column of the moment, according to opinions. of customers who have been satisfied with this elegant bathroom accessory. 

Finally, it should be noted that this column of water has a price that can be considered high, so it probably could not be adjusted to certain budgets, but it must be taken into account that enjoying a comforting massage with hot water, after a stressful and exhausting day of work, perhaps makes this investment of money worthwhile.

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