Opinions about Roca The Gap A357477000

Main advantage: 

Its manufacture in 100% porcelain is quite attractive due to the aesthetics and soft touch it provides. There is also the issue of durability and cleanliness, since thanks to its low porosity it accumulates less moisture and bacteria.

Main disadvantage: 

The absence of a lid has been commented by buyers as a disadvantage. However, thanks to the fact that it incorporates the mounting area, you can purchase it separately and adjust it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This bidet has a spacious format with a rectangular design in which curved lines stand out that stylize the piece, thus offering an elegant and modern aesthetic.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing and cleaning materials

To consider that a product is the best bidet, there are several characteristics that it must meet, being the case of its manufacture, for which it is necessary that high-end materials have been used. Also, the cleanup method should be easy to execute.

It is important that you take into consideration that these two aspects are closely related, since if the material is resistant, it can be washed periodically without fear of being damaged, which will allow us to maintain proper hygiene.

Bidets with the Roca quality seal, such as The Gap A357477000, have the peculiarity of being made of porcelain, which is the brand’s favorite material due to its multiple properties. Among them, the lack of porosity stands out, which is quite convenient because it is less likely to accumulate dirt, moisture and, therefore, fewer bacteria are generated.

Likewise, thanks to its composition of kaolin mineral, feldspar, clay and quartz, it provides a stable, robust body, with a pleasant soft touch and capable of providing a long service life.

Regarding the cleaning of this bidet, you will not have any limitation to use any type of detergent or homemade recipe that you want to wash it and preserve the natural shine of the surface. In any case, the important thing would be that you remove all the excesses and dry the structure every time you clean it.

Design and finishes

Antonio Bullo is the creative mind behind a large part of the Roca house collections, whose premise is to give continuity to the designed product, which is ultimately the “soul of the company”. Likewise, his creations propose concepts with personality and coherence in a clearly competitive market.

Roca The Gap A357477000 is a bidet that consists of a single piece in an intense and bright white colour. Its body is rectangular, spacious and in the upper part it incorporates a hole for placing the tap. It is a single-lever unit, in whose structure geometric lines stand out that have been softened by the incorporation of some curved contours. 

In this sense, the product appears in the eyes of users as a design with detailed finishes and elaborated with measure, which show the high level of quality in its manufacture, having an adequate price.

Aesthetically, the unit manages to combine modernity and elegance, being perhaps the smartest purchase decision for those who want to optimize the spaces in their bathroom.

In fact, this collection, to which The Gap A357477000 model belongs, has been deserving of several awards such as the “Design Plus” in Frankfurt and the “International Ceramic and Faenza Contest”.

Dimensions and mounting

Roca The Gap A357477000 is a bidet that has obtained multiple positive opinions in the different specialized portals and, therefore, the acceptance of buyers. This is due to its spacious, robust and easy-to-handle format, the latter characteristic being quite flattering for assembly purposes, which is also completely intuitive.

The structure of this bidet consists of a single piece and has a format of 40 x 54 centimeters, measurements that correspond to its height – width. For its part, the depth is 35 centimeters. In this sense, we can conclude that it is a spacious product in terms of adaptability to the body when used, but compact enough not to take up too much space in the bathroom. Likewise, we must mention the size of the drain valve and the siphon, which is equivalent to 1¼”.

Regarding the assembly process, you should know that it is a piece of equipment that needs to be attached to the wall area. In this way, it will need to be fixed to the floor with the help of some type of special porcelain glue. Thus, you will provide the necessary stability to the structure to stand up, without fear of any incident occurring throughout its useful life.

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