Opinions about Roca Victoria A342395000

Main advantage:

It is a toilet with a traditional style in white and a very simple round format, which is easy to assemble, since it has an outlet on the wall. You will not have major complications with this porcelain model, because it can be perfectly adapted to the decoration of your bathroom.

Main disadvantage:

The cistern and the seat with lid are not included with the toilet, so they must be purchased separately, representing an additional investment that you should consider if you are interested in this option.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a simple and functional model made with quality materials, with a standard size and an affordable price, so you can use it as a complement in your bathroom. 

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Main Features Explained

toilet design

This Roca Victoria A342395000 toilet is an interesting product with a classic rounded bowl design, which has been built with a combination of ceramic and porcelain elements to give the finish a more attractive touch, which is why it is highly valued as the best toilet, based on user feedback. 

Its size is quite standard, since the seat area is 66.5 cm wide, the height of the cup from the ground is 78 cm and the bottom measures approximately 37 cm. As you can see, they are measures that fit the traditional toilets that we normally find in many homes, so you probably won’t have any problems sitting down. Although this toilet is especially recommended for public spaces, due to its resistance to use.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this Victoria de Roca toilet model has a smooth interior structure and that, due to its porcelain material, it is suitable for repelling germs and bacteria, which allows you to have a hygienic bathroom, being easy to maintain. always clean and in good condition, offering good resistance to cleaning chemicals. 

It should also be noted that it only includes the bowl, the lid and the cistern must be purchased separately, although the manufacturer offers you the models that are compatible with this toilet. 

Cistern, cover and other accessories

Although it does not include the cistern, we can mention that its discharge system is of the drag type and has a horizontal exit towards the wall, being compatible with the A34139H000 model from the same Victoria collection, which is a double discharge with 6/3 liters so that you can save water when emptying, according to your needs, so it is convenient that you choose a cistern that adapts to this toilet.

For its part, the seat cover must also be purchased separately, but a round design cover is compatible so that it can be efficiently integrated into the toilet. It is important to point out that Roca offers different types that adapt to this model, from covers with shock absorbers, to elements with steel, nylon or plastic hinges. 

These covers from the Victoria collection have a thermoplastic effect, which does not allow the color to change, being resistant to shocks and not easily scratched. Likewise, it should be noted that they are easily disassembled for convenient cleaning and their fixing is for the upper part. In addition, the brand offers you with the cover the complete assembly kit, such as hinges, plugs and screws. 

toilet assembly

Regarding this aspect, we can mention that, being a classic model, its assembly is very simple, since the type of installation is floor-standing. You only have to place the lower evacuation tube in the central area, which facilitates the process of fixing it to the floor, being necessary to use plugs and screws to fix the product, to avoid displacement when using the toilet. Fixing hardware is included with these toilets.

When you buy the cistern, keep in mind that the water intake must be located on its side. In fact, the cistern incorporates an opening through which you can insert the hose, adjusting to the side you prefer, either right or left, which makes the installation process easier. Likewise, the tank also includes all the elements you will need for its assembly.

As for the installation of the cover, you only have to place the hinges and screws in the holes intended for this purpose in the toilet, fasten the screws with the nuts and tighten until it is completely tight to the toilet. Following all these steps will have your toilet ready to use in no time.

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