Opinions about Roca Victoria A355394170

Main advantage: 

Its compact body in a light beige color and rounded contours offer a harmonic aesthetic that adapts to most traditional bathrooms. In addition, the incorporation of an ergonomic hinged lid complements the design and promotes hygiene.

Main disadvantage: 

At the time of purchasing this bidet model you will have to purchase the faucet separately, because it has not been included.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Its compact size allows for practical handling and takes up little space, also offering a high level of resistance to deterioration and ease of cleaning due to its porcelain manufacture.

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Main Features Explained

Design and assembly

This model is a classic piece belonging to the Roca house collection, which combines a traditional cut design adapted to today’s avant-garde trends. It is a bidet that will give your bathroom a touch of distinction at a good price.

The structure is compact and its contours have been rounded, which suggests delicacy in the forms, visual harmony and a touch of minimalism. To this is added the pergamon color of the porcelain with which it was built, a light beige tone, which adapts to various classic bathroom styles. Likewise, the design is complemented by the incorporation of an ergonomic lid with a simple mechanism that will allow you to raise and lower it without any inconvenience.

In addition, it adds overflows for the placement of the water intakes and an upper hole for the single-lever faucet system, which unfortunately has not been incorporated. However, all the other elements necessary for the attachment of the bidet in the previously selected area are available in the purchase package. Also, the hinges and screws required to fit the cover to the structure. In this sense, you will have at your disposal a small fixing set that will help you improve your assembly experience.


Knowing the dimensions and weight of the product that we are acquiring is a task that we cannot neglect, since these technical specifications can significantly influence the assembly and handling process of the structure. This is the case of bidets, which are structures with a generally robust body and a medium-sized format.

Thus, when starting the search for the best bidet for our bathroom, we should first evaluate the issue of space, being necessary that you know the specific measurements of the area that you have destined within the room for its placement. In this way, you will be able to contrast them with those of the equipment and save yourself future inconveniences when fixing the structure to the ground.

In the case of the Victoria A355394170 model from the Roca house, we have that its structure has been built with standard dimensions, designed so that it adapts to any type of bathroom. Its width of 35.5 centimeters is quite spacious, while the height and depth correspond to 38.5 x 53 centimeters respectively.

We cannot fail to mention the weight offered by this bidet, which is only eight kilograms, which suggests the possibility of manipulating the structure without the help of another person at the time of assembly.

Manufacturing and strength

Roca brand products are characterized by having great manufacturing attributes, which throughout its years of experience have been praised by buyers worldwide. Although there are many positive aspects to highlight in their products, this time we will emphasize the raw material with high-end properties that they usually select for the construction of all their collections. In this sense, each one of the Roca designs is incorporated into the market under the premise of offering a long service life.

The Victoria A355394170 model is no exception. It is a bidet that has achieved a great position in the market, since its structure offers a robust body, an adequate level of resistance and stability. These characteristics that are given to its construction in 100% porcelain, an ancient material that is composed of kaolin mineral, feldspar, clay and quartz. In fact, this type of slab is widely used in the industry, because it does not have a high percentage of porosity, which is quite convenient because, according to the opinions of experts, it is much more hygienic than other materials. In addition, we cannot fail to mention the pleasant soft touch provided by the structure.

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