Opinions about Roca Victoria A5A9718C00

Main advantage:

If you want a traditional shower, this system is the right one, as it has a 200 mm circular shower head, which is quite large, and it has a manual shower head, also with rounded shapes, to provide a classic look to the bathroom.

Main disadvantage:

A particular detail in this bathroom system is that the upper shower is completely fixed and is not adjustable in height; On the other hand, the hand shower can be moved and adjusted.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This shower column with rounded shapes is very practical for your bathroom, as it has a rain-like fall that provides a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

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Main Features Explained

thermostatic system

When we are going to buy shower columns, the most advisable thing is to acquire a thermostatic shower, because through it you will be able to control the temperature of the water, without having to suffer from the constant changes in pressure and liquid flow, being an adequate solution for end this problem, although it is likely that the price of this type of system is higher than traditional showers, but by using it you will realize that the investment is worth it.

In this sense, it is worth noting that the thermostatic system offered by the Roca Victoria A5A9718C00 model is quite efficient, because you do not have to wait a long time for the water to heat up, since it is fast-acting, which translates into a saving of the vital liquid, since it will not be wasted while waiting for heating.

On the other hand, this shower column has a beautiful traditional and minimalist design, with rounded formats, both the upper shower head and the hand shower, which fit in seamlessly with any decoration you have in your bathroom. 

Shower System Operation

The operation of this shower column is quite simple, since the thermostat control system allows you to adjust the temperature level to about 38 degrees, so that it is safe, since the risks of burns with hot water are reduced, in especially if you have children and older adults at home.

In addition to this, this model is ecological, because as we said before, by limiting the flow of water, the output will be controlled and this important vital liquid is not wasted, which leads to savings in the service bill.

Another advantage of this product is that, with the built-in hand shower, you can have the amount of water necessary to clean specific areas of your body, in case you do not want to shower completely, so it would not be necessary to use the shower column. 

However, it should be noted that this hand shower has only one water position, just like the ceiling shower head, although the latter can be rotated a little at a 360° angle. In this sense, you will notice that the upper shower head has a rain effect that is quite relaxing, although it only has this function, just like the manual shower.

Shower column content

This model includes a large 200 mm diameter showerhead, a 100 mm hand shower, a 1.7 meter high metal hose and an articulated support that is adjustable in height for greater comfort. Likewise, it has an arm made up of a main tube, which you can level at the desired height, although it is fixed, so you must take into account the height of the ceiling to install it in your bathroom. Additionally, this column comes with all the necessary tools for assembly, so you will not have to buy any other accessories for its installation. 

The entire system is made of stainless steel, with the exception of the manual shower, which is made of resistant plastic that simulates steel, but is of good quality and with chrome finishes. In addition, both showers have a silicone coating that provides greater comfort.

So, we are talking about a classic shower model, but efficient in terms of the flow of water that comes out of its showerheads and that incorporates the new thermostatic system to facilitate the temperature control process when showering, so according to the opinions of many users satisfied with this product, it is one of the best shower columns of this 2022, because it has an acceptable quality and is backed by the Roca brand, which has a good position in the Spanish market for sanitary parts and taps.

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