Opinions about Sabanalia Aros

Main advantage:

It is a set of sheets for seasons with really cold days. Its print of linked hoops of different colors shows an attractive design that looks great. It comes in different sizes, so it will fit both small and very large mattresses.

Main disadvantage:

Given how warm its material is, you can enjoy its modern and striking design only in winter. For other seasons, cotton and polyester models are the best.

Verdict: 9.2/10

It is an excellent set of sheets with thermal characteristics with which you will feel the softness to the maximum. The best for the harshest cold.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions of a large majority of users, the value for money of these fabulous sheets is more than satisfactory. They value the comfort provided by the extra softness of the fabric and, in addition to this, the striking decorative effect achieved by dressing the bed with these three pieces. It is a bottom sheet, a top sheet and a pillowcase that make up this Sabanalia Aros coralline model.

It offers two color presentations: lilac-grey and blue. The bottom sheets are unicolored and the tops and covers are the ones that show a ring pattern that combines three different color tones on a white background. Its vivid colors have a real impact on the decoration of the bedroom.

Added to all the great features of this sheet set, washing it won’t be a headache for you. The composition of its 100% microfiber resistant polyester fabric allows it to be machine washed and tumble dried without having to regret shrinking, pilling or wrinkling. The manufacturer’s recommendations indicate the use of water no higher than 40 o C to wash and dry at a moderate temperature. If you pay attention to these easy instructions, you will have sheets that will continue to look great with extra soft fabric and bright colors for a long time.


The diversity of sheet sets designed for specific seasons is very wide. It is more than evident that the characteristics of the fabric for warm days cannot be the same as when the intense cold is felt from head to toe. This model describes among its characteristics having one of the thickest fabrics to dress the bed. On a cold winter night, you will be protected from low temperatures with a material of 240 grs/m 2.

Its double thermal side and impeccable finish in clothing allow you to use it indistinctly on any side without losing the necessary heat to feel warm and comfortable between its bottom sheet and top sheet. An added value that will surely reassure you is that they generate heat without perspiration. So there will be no sweating discomfort when using them, but the exact temperature to feel comfortable warmth.

The heat generated by your body will be maintained for all the time necessary for a good rest. So if you are looking for the best sheet sets for the winter season, there is no doubt that this model is one of the perfect options for sleeping warm and comfortable.


From a bed with a size of 90 cm to one of 200 cm you can enjoy this spectacular set of sheets. All sizes have bottom measurements that will fit perfectly to the mattress and tops whose dimensions allow their wide fall on both sides of the bed. Starting with the 90, its fitted sheet is suitable for a 90 x 197 mattress, a 160 x 275 top and a 45 x 110 cm cover. Also, you find sets of 105 x 197 bottom sheets, 180 x 275 tops and 45 x 125 covers and 135 x 197 bottom sheets, 210 x 275 tops with 45 x 155 pillow cases.

For large and extra large mattresses, the production of this model has also been considered. For a 150 cm bed, you find a set of 150 x 197 bottom sheet, 240 x 275 top and 45 x 170 cover. For 180 and 200 cm beds, another pillowcase is added, thus offering two units of 45 x 110 for each set of sheets. The bottom sheet for the 180 mattress is 180 x 197 and the top is 260 x 275. Finally, for the 200 size, the bottom sheet is 200 x 197 and the top is 280 x 275. In conclusion, the size of your bed is no excuse not to dress it with this beautiful and fun design.

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