Opinions about Tapp Water Tapp 1

Main advantage:

Among the flattering aspects of this water purifier is its compact design, which can be adjusted directly to the tap without using any type of tool. In addition, there is its intuitive method of use through a practical lever that activates the filtering.

Main disadvantage:

The fixing thread of this water filter could loosen a little with constant use. However, everything will depend on how careful you are when turning the faucet on and off.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a water filter designed to be placed on the faucet, whose effectiveness in removing hardness from water is quite high, due to the fact that it incorporates active carbon organic granules.

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Main Features Explained

Assembly and use

With the Tapp Water Tapp 1 water purifier you will enjoy a device that, according to user opinions, not only has a competitive price, but also quick assembly and an intuitive method of use. It is only necessary to take the device and manually screw the lateral adjustment piece into the mouth of the tap, without using any type of tool and investing a maximum of two minutes in this task.

Regarding the method of using the purifier, you will have a small lever on the structure, in charge of activating or deactivating the filtering system. In this sense, it is important to remain attentive to press said piece as appropriate. Thus, you can enjoy water free of impurities or tap water whenever you want, without having to assemble and disassemble the purifier.

Filtration type

Tapp Water Tapp 1 is commented on the web as the best water purifier, since it is capable of treating the hardest liquids efficiently, eliminating a high percentage of minerals and impurities typical of any public drinking water. 

The filter incorporated in this equipment has active type carbon inside, made organically with granulated coconut shells. It is a powerful purifying formula that, in just a few minutes, will take care of trapping bad odors and the strong taste of each liter of water.

Similarly, with this filtration technology provided by Tapp Water Tapp 1 it is possible to get rid of sediment, grit, rust and up to 70 substances of 10 microns. Such is the case of herbicides, 98% chlorine, pesticides and nitrates.

Design and manufacturing

Water purifiers are equipment with varied designs, which must be made with resistant raw material, since it is a product that will be in constant use, when opening and closing the water tap. Therefore, when purchasing equipment of this type, it is important to check that its structure is easy to handle, as well as to know the type of material with which it was made.

In the case of the Tapp Water Tapp 1 water purifier, you will have a small structure with a cylindrical format made of polymer and an aluminum top, which are materials that are soft to the touch, light and free of toxic agents, such as phthalates and BPA. Likewise, a lateral plastic adapter is incorporated into the equipment, which must be adjusted directly on the water tap.

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