Opinions about Taurus Citrus 160Legend

Main advantage: 

With a 160W motor, it is a very powerful orange juicer, capable of extracting all the juice from a fruit in a few seconds and working for many hours without rest.

Main disadvantage: 

Some user opinions point out that the anti-drip system of the nozzle can cause problems after several days of use, causing the juice to spill.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

This is a very robust juicer, with great power, suitable for large families who want to enjoy a natural orange juice every morning.

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Main Features Explained


Some users have pointed out that this could be one of the best orange juicers, since its design and operation are inspired by the professional equipment of restaurants and hotels around the world, but with an affordable price for all pockets. In this sense, with a 160W motor, the Taurus Citrus 160 Legend allows you to extract the juice from oranges and other thicker citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, quickly and easily, making the most of the pulp to squeeze every last drop..

At the same time, it is characterized by a much more compact construction than other orange juicers with similar power. This is due to the reduced design of the motor, making it a good piece of equipment to have in the kitchen at all times, as it will not take up too much space. Although if you prefer, being small, it can be stored in any closet.

The levered top cone, inspired by professional models, improves juice extraction while reducing fatigue on the user’s arms. This, together with the power of the motor, allows a continuous pouring of the juice, without stops and without waiting, which makes it a fast model, perfect for those hectic mornings in which you have to leave the house in a hurry, but without give up a nutritious breakfast.


The Taurus Citrus 160 Legend orange juicers have a 160W copper electric motor, which will allow you to extract the juice quickly and efficiently. In addition, the motor has a double direction of rotation, which makes it easy for you to extract every last drop of juice from each piece of orange. 

The operation is also very simple, since the cone will start up as soon as you feel the pressure. As you do so, it will start to spin randomly in either direction, making it easy to crush the orange pulp and get the most out of each piece of fruit.

On the other hand, the combination of the large cone and the powerful motor of this equipment will allow you to extract juice from other citrus fruits that are larger or have harder pulp, such as lemon or nectarine.


This juicer has a very attractive design, with classic and elegant lines, as it has been designed to be a permanent part of your kitchen. The stainless steel finishes combine retro design elements with soft, rounded lines typical of the most modern appliances. 

It has a non-slip foot, made of black plastic with a lower cavity, designed so that once the juicer is placed it does not move no matter how much force you exert on it. With such quality, you will always have great stability when making your juices. This foot also has a hole designed to place any container for juice.

The pressure lever of the juicer is finished with a soft, non-slip and very comfortable rubber handle, which facilitates pressure and prevents you from hurting your hand when squeezing. On the other hand, the equipment also has an anti-drip system to prevent the remains of juice from falling on the table or countertop, along with its continuous pouring system, with which the juice falls from the first moment.

Finally, all the parts of the Taurus Citrus 160 Legend orange juicer can be easily disassembled, so you can wash them without difficulty. In this sense, the cone and the upper parts, such as the pulp filter, can be cleaned by machine, while the lower part, where the motor is located, can be washed by hand quickly and easily, just by passing a damp cloth

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