Opinions about Tegui A1

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this intercom is that it comes as a set, including both the device with the headset and the intercom that goes in the entrance along with its respective flush-mounted box.

Main disadvantage:

A possible disadvantage for some people’s taste is the fact that the intercom does not have a screen to be able to maximize the home security network and install cameras.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this Tegui intercom it will be very easy to replace the old one or carry out a new installation, since it includes the necessary elements for it at no additional cost.

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Main Features Explained

Design and functions

When searching among the different options in intercoms that the market offers, the cost of some models may be a bit excessive, so if you want to acquire a good performance equipment at an affordable price, you must evaluate important characteristics such as design and team functions.

One that could become the best intercom according to the opinions of some users is the A1 model of the Tegui brand. It is an intercom kit that, in addition to including the main device, you will also find the intercom that you will place at the entrance of your house, building or urbanization.

The intercom has dimensions of 21.9 x 8.5 centimeters and its structure is simple and intuitive to facilitate its use by the elderly or children. It is white in color and has good manufacturing finishes so you can easily clean it with a damp cloth in case it gets dirty.

Regarding the other component of the kit, the intercom, it has a speaker and a button to activate the intercom inside the house, as well as a compact size with a discreet design and good finishes to withstand being outdoors without presenting significant wear, although if you can install it indoors, it will be much better.

Materials and manufacturing finishes

The next characteristic that we advise you to review when you want to acquire a good intercom is its manufacturing materials and finishes, since these will help you determine its robustness and durability so that you can invest your money in reliable equipment with a long useful life.

But it seems that this will not be a problem if you prefer to purchase the option offered by Tegui with the model A1 intercom. This equipment is made of plastic, but Internet users indicate that it has good finishes and feels robust to the touch so that you can use it for a long time without showing signs of wear.

As for the intercom, it stands out for being made of aluminum with an anodized finish, which provides it with a porous protective layer to better withstand some weather elements such as sun or rain. In addition, this gives the device an attractive and modern appearance, as well as a robust structure so that it can be handled by visitors without problems.

Both manufacturing materials have a long durability if they are used carefully and kept clean, a task that you can carry out without many inconveniences precisely thanks to the finishes of the materials. Thus, having your intercom and intercom free of dirt and stains will not be a problem.

Accessories and installation

Finally, for some users it is very important to consider the accessories that are included with the purchase of a certain intercom model, since this can help you save money by not having to purchase separate parts or pieces for installation.

In that sense, you will be able to enjoy this if Tegui’s A1 intercom catches your attention, since this set, in addition to including the equipment with the intercom, also has the box for embedding it.

This one has dimensions of 12.5 x 12.5 x 5.7 centimeters and is designed so that you can easily install the intercom at the entrance. At the same time, this box will help you get a much more attractive and discreet visual finish in case you don’t want everyone to notice the device.

Regarding its installation, this particular equipment uses 4+n wires in its network, being useful for multi-storey houses and even medium-sized buildings. On the other hand, it stands out that, if you already had a Tegui intercom before, it will be easy for you to replace it with this new model, since the anchors to fit it have the same shape and size as others of the brand. Thanks to this detail, you will not have to modify your entrance again to use this intercom.

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