Opinions about Teka He 615 Me

Main advantage:

It is an electric oven that combines the modern with the traditional. It has controls with analog buttons, ThermoProbe technology and telescopic guides at 5 height levels, which favors being able to insert and remove food safely.

Main disadvantage:

It is an appliance that generates high temperatures, given its power; so you must be careful not to burn yourself with the steam when opening the door.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is interesting to know the opinions of many users, who value this oven as a recommended purchase, since it has the support of a recognized brand that offers quality.

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Main Features Explained


Teka is a German multinational that since 1924 has built its well-deserved prestige in the household appliance market, since it manufactures and markets a wide range of products for the home, among which electric ovens stand out. Teka presents the HE 615 ME model, a device that offers you two sets of controls, so you have the possibility of easily connecting them to the vitro of the same brand.

Therefore, if you need to get the best electric oven, regardless of price, to incorporate it into your kitchen, this could be an excellent option. Once you assemble it, you can use the controls on the countertop to adjust both the temperature and the cooking time; likewise, you will be able to determine according to the recipe, the type of cooking necessary for each food. For which, it offers you up to 5 cooking modes and 5 height levels, so that your dishes are left with the right flavor and texture.


We are in front of a powerful electric oven, which offers you high performance when it comes to cooking healthy food. To do this, it has a power of 2,623 watts, so you will have a highly efficient appliance. It has different temperatures and different types of heat, which favors each dish being juicy, crispy and at its exact cooking point.

Likewise, thanks to ThermoSonda technology, you will be able to know exactly the temperature inside the oven, so that you can better control the cooking of food and thus get the most out of each dish; This technology is ideal for cooking meat, fish and poultry.

Likewise, in order to avoid any accident due to forgetfulness, this equipment has the automatic shutdown function, which allows you to program the time of use and the moment in which you want it to turn off and for this, it has a stop mechanism automatic cooking.

On the other hand, it has a fast heating function, which offers a maximum temperature of up to 180°C in just 5 minutes; which favors energy saving. Additionally, you will not have a problem with cleaning, since it has another important function, that of self-cleaning; that easily removes dirt and grease stuck to the walls of the oven.

Design and energy saving

Its design is that of a built-in oven, so it does not take up extra space in your kitchen; In addition, it has dimensions of 59.5 x 56.2 x 59.5 cm and a weight of 39 kilos. It is made of stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating, so you can look with the best finish at all times. In addition, thanks to its 57-litre capacity, you can prepare large portions of food for the whole family.

It has two very useful accessories, such as the multicook tray that favors steam cooking, with all the nutrients and vitamins present in the food and with little fat. It also offers a rack that gives you the option to bake with different types of pans. These two accessories fit perfectly into the telescopic guides integrated in the oven, allowing you easy, safe and quick access to the food you are preparing, while avoiding any accidental burns.

On the other hand, it is an electric oven that has the A energy classification, which is of great help for energy savings, since it allows you to save up to 20% on your bill, if we compare it with other similar models.

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