Opinions about Teka NFL 320

Main advantage:

Among the most notable qualities of this refrigerator, we have that it is equipped with No Frost technology; thanks to which the appearance of frost is avoided, the temperature is maintained stable inside and the food is preserved longer.

Main disadvantage:

In order to improve the user experience, the inclusion of handles or handles on its doors is missing. However, this detail does not detract from its high quality.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a refrigerator that has an excellent value for money, so the positive opinions of users recommend it as a good purchase.

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Main Features Explained

No Frost technology and savings

Refrigerators equipped with modern no frost technology have gained the trust of many households in recent years. Such is the case of the Teka NFL 320, a model that has this advance in refrigeration, not only in the part destined for the freezer, but also in the entire refrigerator area.

To do this, it is a device that has a ventilation and evaporation system that prevents the formation of frost that can accumulate inside. This technology is capable of melting ice, by means of air cooling, in its formation stage; this way no moisture or mold builds up in the device.

Thanks to the no frost system, defrosting occurs automatically; so you do not need to perform this task manually. Likewise, it is a plus that favors the freezing or cooling of food more quickly. In addition, it allows the internal temperature to remain stable and uniform throughout the equipment.

By keeping food fresh for longer, due to the speed of cooling, it favors that you do not have to go shopping frequently; since the food can remain frozen or refrigerated without losing its nutritional value. In addition to this, it is a device that has energy efficiency class A +, which helps you save electricity in your home.

Capacity and lighting

Today there are many homes that have little space in their kitchens, so we must adjust to these environments and look for appliances that are perfectly suited without hindering free movement. With this in mind, Teka has designed one of the best combi refrigerators with a compact size and stylish format, without neglecting the importance of optimizing its capacity and providing adequate storage for all your food.

This is a refrigerator that provides a net capacity of 295 liters conveniently distributed inside. The refrigerator has a useful capacity of 219 liters and the freezer has up to 76 liters for storage. Its dimensions are 188 cm high x 59.5 cm wide x 63.5 cm deep. This capacity and dimensions make it ideal for small kitchens, for a small family, or for a couple.

On the other hand, it is a model that has LED lights; an efficient upper lighting system that provides excellent visibility to the entire interior of the refrigerator. Likewise, LED lighting favors the conservation of the temperature of the device, offers a long useful life and helps with energy savings.

Design and functionality

This Teka refrigerator has metallic finishes in white, a neutral tone that can easily be combined with any decorative style present in your kitchen. It offers two doors: a large upper one for the refrigerator area and a smaller one that gives access to the freezer. It also has adjustable feet that allow you to mount it on all types of floors.

One of its most outstanding features is that it has an advanced electronic control, with easy-to-use controls located inside, which allows you to set the temperature of the equipment in an intuitive way. In it you can see the cooling range with which the device works.

It also has rubber on the closing of its doors, which are protected with an antibacterial system; which provides greater hygiene and safety for your food.

On the other hand, it is equipped with trays and drawers made of high quality materials. Likewise, you will have a FreshBox drawer, specially designed to preserve fresh vegetables and fruits for longer.

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