Opinions about Teka TB6315

Main advantage:

In addition to the ease of use offered by this ceramic hob, it is a model that has a safety lock system, which prevents the appliance from being turned on accidentally; providing security at the time of handling.


Main disadvantage:

Although it has a user manual, more precise and clear instructions are missing that favor when installing the ceramic hob.


Verdict: 9.9/10

According to buyers’ opinions, it is one of the best-positioned glass-ceramic hobs on the market, since it offers safety and practicality when cooking.

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Main Features Explained

brand and capacity

The history of this renowned German brand dates back to 1924, when it began with the manufacture of agricultural machinery to later expand to the design of sinks, ovens, kitchens and other appliances. Currently, Teka has great recognition worldwide due to the quality they offer in their products, which in turn have modern and sophisticated designs that give distinction and elegance to both the kitchen and the home in general.

With a modern and efficient concept, this brand has manufactured one of the best ceramic hobs of the moment; the Teka TB6315 model. It is a plate designed in high quality ceramic, capable of resisting high temperatures for long periods of time; It also has 3 cooking zones that can be used independently.

Likewise, these burners are arranged on the plate in such a way that you can take advantage of them to cook any type of food on it, since it can reach an electrical power of 5400 watts. To do this, you just need to connect it to a 230-volt direct current outlet.

This model has a surface made of high quality glass, which makes it resistant to minor impacts and at the same time, favors an easy cleaning process. In addition to this, it has an easy installation system called fast-click, making this a task that you can carry out without having to go to a specialist.


This Teka model has an integrated and modern design. For which it has a digital panel located in the lower right corner and that presents the functions of the board. It offers intuitive touch controls, which favors the user experience and allows easy handling for anyone.

Likewise, to provide you with greater security, this innovative plate has an automatic disconnection mechanism that is activated after a few minutes of inactivity; this feature is especially useful in cases where you forgot to turn it off.

Similarly, it includes a cooking shot system called High Light, through which you can choose the time to cook food based on your needs and independently for each burner. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary for you to be present while the ceramic hob cooks.

In the same way, the hob has a timer that is activated based on the time set for the High Light system, so it will turn off the burners automatically once cooking is finished; this time can vary from 1 to 99 minutes. So you can cook your recipes in peace, while you take advantage of the time to do other housework.

In addition, it is an appliance that not only has advanced technology that offers great benefits in the kitchen, but also provides an aesthetic component and excellent value for money.

Dimensions and maintenance

This new ceramic hob is made in a size that is very convenient for any kitchen and is especially comfortable when using its three burners; even at the same time. For this, it has measures of 60 cm wide x 51 cm deep and 6.3 cm high.

The three heating elements offer the right measurements to cook large amounts of food for the whole family. In this sense, the plate has two ultra-fast High Light burners of 14.5 cm and 18 cm; It also has a High Light burner that can increase its capacity from 21 to 27 cm, depending on your requirements.

Regarding the maintenance that you must give to this plate to keep it in perfect condition, it is about basic and simple care that you can find in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

However, it should be noted that, as a precautionary measure, before cleaning it you must unplug it from the power outlet and wait for the surface to be completely cold. Once it has cooled, you can pass a damp cloth with a suitable product for this type of plate; taking into account that it is not aggressive or that it can scratch the surface.

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