Opinions about Teka TS1 138

Main advantage:

One aspect that stands out about this small refrigerator option is that its design offers good quality finishes and provides practical elements that generate both space and utility by taking advantage of its cooling capacity.

Main disadvantage:

When you are going to install this refrigerator, keep in mind that, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it must have enough space for ventilation at the rear, top and sides.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The refrigerator is quite useful and practical by providing a freezer for you to keep your groceries in optimal conditions, thus becoming an alternative that you could take advantage of even more.

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Main Features Explained


team design

In the reviews of what could be the best small refrigerators, one of the features that is not neglected by buyers is the design of the equipment itself. Since these are mini models, it is important to evaluate details regarding their size, weight and finishes.

Teka, being a well-known brand in the area of ​​household appliances, this time offers you the TS1 138 small refrigerator, which measures 50.1 x 54 x 84.5 centimeters. This will allow you to place it near your desk to keep your drinks close at hand or also in a corner out of the way, but accessible in the room.

As for its weight, the equipment has the quality of being considered ergonomic, since it barely reaches 25.4 kilograms; which is less than other similar models. 

With this weight, it is quite manageable, even for one person, so you can move it around without help whenever you want. In addition, it has 4 feet that raise it from the ground and each of them has a built-in rubber to increase the stability of the refrigerator.

integrated freezer

In general, refrigerators are designed to be in the room or in the office and store food, some drinks and fresh fruits, to name a few things. Therefore, if the model you are interested in has a freezer, this could make it much more useful, although you should know that it will probably increase the sale price a little.

However, it may be beneficial for you to consider the extra investment to enjoy the practicality and useful space that you will find in the complement of a refrigerator like Teka’s. This model has a built-in 14-liter freezer where you can keep the things you want to keep longer at a lower temperature.

The freezer also has a practical internal door that allows you to open the refrigerator without losing the cold in the section so as not to waste energy, as well as keeping everything more tidy inside.

Loading capacity

When it comes to small fridges, the load capacity will be considerably less than that of a regular one, but by looking carefully, you can find units that, although they are compact, their practical designs allow you to use them more efficiently.

This could be the case of the Teka TS1 138 refrigerator, which is within the category of 85-centimeter refrigerators, due to its height. It has a gross capacity of 102 liters and a net capacity of 98 liters, allowing you to easily store various things, including 1-liter bottles.

Besides, it is highlighted that your purchase is accompanied by a large lower drawer; very practical for storing fruits and vegetables, two large glass shelves and three small ones made of plastic. The latter are installed on the door and have a border, so they will be very useful for organizing all kinds of products.

electrical consumption

The opinions of several buyers consider that the electrical consumption of the device, even that of a small refrigerator, is a very important detail to review carefully. The cost of electricity in some cities is very high, so it is necessary to choose a refrigerator that does not mean a constant expense.

Studying the characteristics of the Teka brand refrigerator, we find an appliance that has earned the A++ category on the energy consumption scale. This is due to the fact that the equipment generates an approximate annual cost of 131 kWh, if it is kept on constantly as it would normally be. 

Thanks to this, it will not be excessively expensive to install an additional refrigerator in another area of ​​the house, apart from the kitchen, such as the office or even your own room. So you can pour yourself a glass of cold water before bed without having to go downstairs to look for it, for example.


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