Opinions about Tesa Assa Abloy

Main advantage:

This electronic lock has considerable versatility, both for the number of doors on which it can be mounted and for the different options it offers us when it comes to controlling access.

Main disadvantage:

Some opinions indicate that it is necessary to turn the cylinder manually until it is placed in the zero position, also sounding a somewhat annoying alert in case we do not do so.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the most efficient solutions in the current market for electronic locks, coming from a top-level brand and whose installation is not complicated, as long as the door is compatible with the measurements of the device.

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Main Features Explained

access control system

The first interesting feature of this product, typical of the best electronic lock we can find, is the wide variety of options we have for interior access control. Thanks to the technology of the product, it is possible to access the interior through our mobile, if it has NFC technology, or with one of the remote controls included in the product.

These options would be the usual or basic ones, although we also have more advanced access options, such as those that allow us to use a touch keyboard or our fingerprint for that access. The drawback is that for fingerprint access it will be necessary to buy the reader panel separately, although the gain in security makes the price we pay for this function worthwhile, if we need it.

In any case, this product also maintains the possibility of opening the door in the traditional way, using the corresponding key, of which two are included with the product. In addition, if we open the lock in the conventional way, once we extract the key, the lock is responsible for “turning the key”, in anticipation of possible forgetfulness when closing the door.

lock security

In order to give us adequate security, as far as use is concerned, this lock connects directly to our mobile using Bluetooth technology, while the connection to the controls is made by NFC. Something that allows you to dispense with WiFi connectivity when using the lock, which is an extra peace of mind when it comes to avoiding intrusions and security problems.

In parallel, the communication protocol used by the app used to connect to the lock from the mobile has all the necessary security to prevent unauthorized people from connecting with the lock. A protection that is intensified in models equipped with a fingerprint reader or keyboard, so that this app is also used to manage authorized persons and take fingerprints or create the corresponding access codes.

Finally, since we are talking about a product without cables, there are no elements that can be violated, neither when accessing or connecting with the lock nor in terms of power supply. Something that is also an extra peace of mind, really.

Instalation and maintenance

As a final aspect of this product, it is time to take a look at the installation and maintenance process of the device. Starting with that installation, the lock comes in a rim format, as is obvious from its features. The advantage is that the offer of measures and dimensions for the cylinder is more than considerable, so finding the product that fits the lock model we have is quite easy.

This simplifies this installation process, in the same way that the lock’s wireless design also makes everything easier. We are talking about a product that works with its own battery, which we will have to change when the lock itself tells us to, so it is not necessary to run power cables to the product, which further simplifies its management.

An aspect that also influences maintenance, which is reduced to keeping the product active by changing the battery, when necessary. It is also a good idea to take a look at the anchors of the lock occasionally, to see that it is placed correctly and does not come loose, although if the installation is left tight this is not a problem. Finally, it is enough to clean it from time to time with mild products so that the lock maintains its best appearance.

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