Opinions about TP-Link HS100

Main advantage:

This model has one of the most advanced compatibility in the smart plug market, with Wi-Fi, easy installation and even connectivity to control the equipment with both Alexa and Google Home.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike most of the models on the market, we are talking about a device that does not have an energy meter, so you cannot know the consumption of what you connect to it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A model that gathers a good amount of positive opinions and that comes from one of the best valued brands in the sector.

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Main Features Explained

Device installation and connectivity

The first advantage of this TP-Link plug is the easy installation it offers when connecting everything you need. A process for which the model has a WiFi Ready system with which to connect the plug to your home network comfortably and control all its functions remotely. Something for which this manufacturer puts the Kasa app within your reach, with which it will be easier for you to manage the operating modes that we will talk about later.

What we talk about next is the connectivity that this product puts at your fingertips and brings it closer to being the best current smart plug. A connectivity that adds compatibility with both Alexa and Google Home. This translates into full integration with speakers and other devices from these manufacturers, allowing you to remotely control the plug with just your voice, just as you would any other device connected to the network.

Thus, all you have to do is tell the plug to turn on or off, and you can also configure power-on and power-off routines, such as Google’s Good Night routine. A system with which to automate various tasks such as turning off the heating and programming the coffee machine connected to the plug to turn on at a certain time, among other functions.

Operating modes

So that you don’t have problems when it comes to controlling the operation of this device, you have different options that make everything easier. Among them, we have the programming mode, which is responsible for turning on and off the devices that you have connected to the plug at the time you want. An autonomous system with which to turn on the thermos in the morning or ensure that the stove is turned off at night just by placing one of these plugs.

This mode has a variant, which is the away from home ignition system. When the plug is programmed in this option, what you have connected to the plug is activated daily at different times, so that it is simulated that there is someone at home, with different times. So if you’re going on vacation, this is all you need to prevent friends of others from doing their thing. A functionality that is not common in many current smart plugs.

App Kasa

The last element that justifies the good value for money of this product is the Kasa application. This application facilitates the plug installation process, which only requires coverage and the password of your WiFi network to be correctly connected to the network. All this without the need to open ports or do other complex tasks.

This app also simplifies the process of managing the different modes of use that we have mentioned before, which are configured directly from the mobile and remotely. An ideal solution to turn off the stove from bed without having to get up or to save time and not worry when it comes to preparing the configuration of each plug.

In this process you have all kinds of schedules, both weekly and daily, so that the process of choosing the mode of use and setting the start and end times of each task with precision is much easier. Tasks that can also be easily automated, so you can manage different plugs with a single pattern or a single command. All this in a very intuitive and easy to control app.

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