Opinions about Tristar RK 6126

Main advantage:

It is a beautifully designed rice cooker that, with its stainless steel material on the outside and glass on its lid, looks elegant on any kitchen. You can cook any type of rice and take it out very easily to serve thanks to its non-stick coating. 

Main disadvantage:

Although it cooks spectacular rice, you should not neglect the cooking if you want it to not overcook, since this particular model does not have a timer or automatic shutdown function.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a rice cooker that, once the rice is cooked, allows you to keep it warm and ready to serve thanks to its keep-warm function.

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Main Features Explained


There are many opinions about rice cookers on the market, but those of Tristar, in general, have the confidence to leave the rice ready in just a few minutes. This brand stands out with basic products for daily activity in the kitchen that have attractive designs that are accompanied by the necessary features. In the case of this rice cooker, the silver color of its material combined with black makes it look very striking, modern and elegant.

On the front part there is the button to activate its ignition and the display with two lights to indicate the function in which it is located. When cooking, the cook mode is indicated by red turning on, and yellow indicates warm to reflect that the rice is kept warm. This last one is definitely one of the most useful functions when family dynamics lead to some of its members eating at different times.

Some of the most convenient features of its design are its easy-to-remove non-stick inner pot, its legs at the base to keep it firm and without moving, and the accompaniment of a measurer with a spatula-type spoon. Decisively, all elements that make this model one of the best rice cookers on the market.


This could be considered the most convenient rice cooker for when you want to get up to 5 servings per cook. Its liter capacity makes it possible to recommend its purchase when it is usual to have several people at the table. Although the maximum option is for 5 people, you can adjust the recipe for two, three or four, depending on your number of guests and according to the measures you pour into the rice cooker. 

With the help of its protection function against dry boiling and placing the correct measures of rice and water according to the amount you want to make, you will obtain the ideal cooking point as a result, forgetting about wet or burnt rice in your menu of the day. On the other hand, as an additional use, Tristar also recommends this pressure cooker model to prepare delicious recipes with cereals. 

In the case of brown rice or others with a hard shell, such as black or red, the heating capacity provided by its 400W power is very convenient. After verifying that you have all the recommended measurements, they are placed in the rice cooker, it is covered, the power button is pressed and that’s it. The steps are really very simple and, while your rice is cooking, you can do anything else.



Its materials not only offer beauty and resistance to the design, but thanks to them, well-cooked rice with a pleasant texture can be obtained to be the perfect accompaniment to any dish. The non-stick coating that covers this rice cooker on the inside makes it easy for the rice not to stick and, furthermore, cleaning this pot is quite simple and practical. In fact, each of its parts is dishwasher safe. 

The material of the casing of the rice cooker is made of quality stainless steel and its lid will allow you to see the cooking process through its glass. You should not worry about burning yourself, since this rice cooker has two very important features to avoid it. 

When you grab it by its handles, you will notice that they remain cool to the touch and, additionally, its non-slip base keeps it safe from slipping and tipping over. As an extra point, you have the guarantee that any of the pieces that make it up are completely free of BPA. 

For this brand, good solutions in home help products must be characterized by up-to-date, useful designs and at a price that does not imply a luxury that is difficult to acquire. Therefore, this rice cooker represents Tristar’s goal of providing quality and affordable home appliances.

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