Opinions about Whirlpool AMW 140 IX

Main advantage:

This microwave has a special technology to distribute heat evenly inside it so that different dishes of food are cooked correctly. Likewise, its power is 800 watts, while in Grill mode it is 1,000 watts.

Main disadvantage:

In the case of a microwave with a frame made of stainless steel, you must take into account that fingerprints are easily marked, therefore, you must be very aware of its cleaning, so that it can always be seen in optimal conditions.


Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a microwave capable of cooking, defrosting and heating your food and drinks, then this model is the right one for you.

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Main Features Explained


Built-in microwaves usually provide a touch of good taste to the kitchen, since they generally have an attractive design and are easy to handle, for this reason you should pay attention to this detail before making the purchase.

The Whirlpool brand has always stood out for the quality and good taste of its products and this is no exception, as its AMW 140 IX model has an elegant and modern design with a capacity of 20 liters and dimensions of 38.8 x 59 x 34.3 centimeters, as well as a total weight of 15 kilograms.

In its structure, a beautiful integrated digital clock stands out, as well as an LED screen incorporated in its structure, which will let you control at the moment you prefer and exactly the number of minutes you decide to use to carry out the cooking of some food.

For its part, it also has a quality frame that gives it a prettier appearance when positioned in the kitchen, it will easily fit into the hole where you decide to mount it, so you will not have to worry about additional expenses to beautify said space.

Among other details, the microwave has a rotary button that will allow you to comfortably select the appropriate power for each type of food, as well as small buttons, ergonomically designed, so that you can start the function that you need to activate.


According to the opinions of many users, when deciding on a practical and functional microwave, you should consider the variety of technologies that it has to offer you, so that its use is easy, comfortable and simple.

In this sense, the AMW 140 IX model incorporates technologies such as the one called 3D that works to provide you with a correct distribution of the microwaves that are generated inside it before each use. In this way, the objective is to make possible the correct and homogeneous distribution of heat inside this appliance so that the different dishes of food that you decide to prepare are at their exact point.

It should be noted that this technology is available among different functions that the microwave has, such as the Jet Start function, which consists of putting at your disposal the maximum temperature that this appliance can generate in just 30 seconds so that you can heat your drinks and food. Without difficulty. For its part, the JetDefrost function is designed to defrost food without leaving hard or icy areas.

This could be considered the best built-in microwave for its price and because you could use it in different ways, either normal type or with Grill functions. This last mode for many people is essential, since it could provide a crispy and golden touch to the dishes you want. Best of all, you can also use a specific menu for steaming.

power and safety

Being able to have a much faster and more practical operation in the microwave will depend largely on the level of power that a particular model can offer you. That is why you should consider this feature, taking into account that choosing an appliance of this type, with the power you need, could make your homework easier depending on your needs and requirements.

On this occasion, the AMW 140 IX model has a power of 800 watts, this being adequate so that you can enjoy optimal operation every time you use the microwave. This power could be distributed in 4 types of levels, so that you have the possibility to choose the one that suits you best when cooking a specific dish.

According to its manufacturers, this level of power is more than enough to cook different dishes in a considerably reduced time.

On the other hand, this product has a power of 1,000 watts which comes into play when you select the Grill option to brown and gratin your food.

As for the level of security it offers, this appliance includes a door lock in its system, so that you can use it comfortably and prevent the smallest members of the household from using it inappropriately.

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