Opinions about Whirlpool AMW 160 IX

Main advantage:

Endowed with great qualities and a modern and elegant aesthetic, this built-in microwave stands out for offering advanced JetDefrost 3D technology; a system that promotes rapid heating to maximum temperature in just 30 seconds.

Main disadvantage:

A more complete user manual with instructions in Spanish is missing. However, it is a model that many buyers have found easy to use.


Verdict: 9.7/10

It is an appliance that enjoys a very good reputation on the web, since it has an excellent value for money, efficiency and a reliable brand.

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Main Features Explained

Brand and efficiency

Whirlpool is a brand that was born in the United States in 1911 and is characterized by designing, producing and marketing mid-range and high-end electrical appliances. It is a brand with a presence in more than 130 countries and has established itself in Europe and Spain as one of the main manufacturers of innovative equipment with a long useful life. Among its most outstanding products we have refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and the best integrated microwaves.

In this sense, Whirlpool has designed this device with the power capable of generating 900 watts for microwaves, which gives you a faster cooking and heating speed than that offered by other similar models. Likewise, it is an appliance equipped with the grill function, which allows you to achieve a crispy and golden texture in your food, as if it were a conventional oven; but in a short time. For this, it has great power; reaching up to 1000 watts.

Likewise, among the functions that make this microwave a high-end product, we have the JetDefrost 3D system. A technology that not only favors the rapid defrosting of food, but also makes it possible to reheat your food in a uniform and efficient way, achieving a maximum increase in temperature in 30 seconds. Thanks to this, you can save time when cooking.

Elegance and capacity

Built- in microwaves give the kitchen greater personality, while improving the aesthetics and design of this environment, since they allow them to be embedded in a column or piece of furniture; which favors order and aesthetics. For this reason, the Whirlpool AMW 160/IX is an equipment that, in addition to having an attractive presence, also allows you to save space on the worktop; being able to take advantage of it to organize other small appliances.

In relation to its aesthetics, we can say that it is a model that offers a larger front surface, if we compare it with its free-standing counterparts, and although its interior cavity is similar to conventional models, it is a device whose design has made the most of its height and width, giving it a large capacity.

To do this, it has dimensions of 59.49 x 39.99 x 38.79 cm, which gives you up to 25 liters of capacity and thanks to its larger turntable (31.4 cm in diameter), you can use larger containers than you usually use; this way it will be easy for you to cook for your whole family.

On the other hand, the opinions left online by buyers consider this model among the best of the moment, given the great capacity it offers and its high quality, backed by the 2-year warranty offered by the brand.

Design and technical details

It is a modern microwave with a sophisticated character, since it has an integrable stainless steel frame and a door designed in black; which allows you to mount it in your kitchen and be part of its decoration. Its electronic operation offers you a touch panel that is easy to understand and comfortable to use; so it is recommended for all types of users, even for older adults.

It also includes a safety lock, thinking of the mischievous hands of the little ones and their accidental manipulation. Likewise, it has an easy opening of its door by means of a button, which opens comfortably on the left side. In addition, it has light inside its cavity, which favors a better visualization of your preparations.

Regarding its maintenance, this microwave is easy to clean; since in addition to having high quality, hygienic and resistant materials, it also has a digital panel with a folding control. Likewise, thanks to its removable grill, it is possible to remove all the grease and dirt quickly; therefore, the task of keeping it clean is easier.

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