Opinions about WMF Perfect

Main advantage:

The dosage inside the pot allows the user to know the minimum or maximum amount of liquid that can be poured to cook the food. This aspect is very important for those people who do not have much experience in the use of pressure cookers. 

Main disadvantage:

Some users claim that the pot is expensive, compared to models from other brands. However, the quality of the materials and the functionality of the pot make up for the value. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a pot with a 3-litre capacity, compact and easy to use thanks to the dosing inside. 

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Main Features Explained

Design and materials

WMF is a German company that has remained at the forefront by incorporating design and technology into kitchen utensils. For this reason, it is currently known for the quality, resistance and design of functional kitchenware, coffee machines, among others. 

It should be noted that WMF stands out for having registered Cromargan® in 1930, a material used in its utensils and in the Perfect pressure cooker, to provide greater durability, resistance and a shiny finish that lasts over time. This material is made up of 72% steel, 18% chrome, and 10% nickel, a combination that is less porous than traditional steel, being easier to clean and more resistant over the years. 

For its part, the TransTherm base distributes heat evenly so that all foods receive the correct temperature, as well as being suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. 

Regarding its ease of use, we can mention that the internal dosage is an excellent guide to know the minimum and maximum amount of liquid that the pot admits. In the case of this particular model, its capacity is three liters, favored by a compact design, making it easy to store, clean and maintain after each use. However, this model is also available in other presentations that vary from 2.5 L to 8.5 L. In this way, you can choose the size that best suits your family. 

Pressure and gauges

Like other pressure cookers, this model has two cooking levels: the first at 110°C, suitable for cooking chicken, vegetables and fish, while the second reaches 119°C and is suitable for harder foods. 

Because it is one of the best pressure cookers, the WMF Perfect has a system through which it emits a sound to let you know that there is a lot of pressure inside. Now, about the indicators of this model, we are talking about colored rings on the valve that are easy to identify: if the ring is at the same level as the handle it means that there is no pressure in the pot, but when you look at the first ring of yellow color means that steam is already starting inside the pot. 

Later, when the first orange ring is observed, we will know that cooking at a low temperature has started, so we can be aware in case of preparing fast-cooking foods. In the case of the second orange ring, this is observed when the high cooking point is reached, that is, the pot reached the maximum temperature. 

As we already mentioned, this is a fast pot that can reach the highest temperature in a short time, which also contributes to saving energy, an aspect that is positively valued in the opinions of the buyers. 

Maintenance and spare parts

When thinking about the price that is going to be paid for such a useful device as a pressure cooker, it is important to know the maintenance that it needs to favor its durability. 

In this sense, the WMF Perfect has a great advantage, unlike other models, due to the detachable design of the handle that allows proper cleaning, since it should only be removed from the pot and placed under water to remove the particles that have adhered., then you have to let it dry well and store until the next use.

Regarding the disassembled body and lid, thanks to the quality of their materials, they can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem. In this way, you save time and effort, leaving all the cleaning work to the appliance. 

In turn, the removable design of the handle also facilitates its storage, and in case of any damage or breakage, you do not have to worry, since you can purchase a completely original replacement handle so that your pressure cooker continues to function normally. Likewise, WMF has different accessories that you can buy to maximize the usefulness of this pot in your kitchen, such as the food basket. 

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