Opinions about Xiaomi Mi LPN4013GL

Main advantage:

We are talking about an advanced and reasonably priced bathroom scale, with which you will not only know your body weight, but you will also have up to 10 additional parameters about your weight, body fat, muscle mass and other data of interest.

Main disadvantage:

The screen has the drawback of having white numbers, which do not have a high contrast on the surface of the scale, considering that it is also white.

Verdict: 9.7/10

An interesting surprise made by Xiaomi, which has taken a short time to be among the best bathroom scales of the moment according to user opinions, being useful for those who want to control their weight and other body parameters.

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Main Features Explained

Weight measurement and parameters

Following the line of modern bathroom scales, the Xiaomi Mi LPN4013GL model incorporates a series of electrodes in the measurement area, with which we are going to measure some additional parameters to the user’s weight. These parameters are obtained through an electrical impedance system, which generates a harmless current for the user and which measures this precise data on our body.

Among what this product measures, we find data such as the percentage of body fat, the level of hydration, the percentage of muscle mass or the bone mass of the body. In addition, the data that we previously enter on the scale, such as gender or age, are used to generate additional parameters, such as body mass index or basal metabolism.

Regarding its capacity, we are facing a model made with quality materials, so the scale is capable of measuring up to 150 kilos of weight. Measurements that are made with an estimated precision of about 100 grams, so we don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the data obtained, as far as weight is concerned. Besides, this weight can be consulted in kilos, pounds or catties, depending on what you need.

physical characteristics

Once we have talked about what we can measure with this product, it is time to take a look at its purely physical parameters. The first of them are its measurements, which are 34.3 centimeters wide by approximately 35.9 centimeters long and 4.7 centimeters high. Measurements that are in line with other bathroom scales with similar characteristics, so it is not a product that stands out for taking up more space than necessary. Something similar happens with its weight, about 2.1 kilos, so it is not a problem to move the scale when you have to use it and store it.

Visually, the scale is also surprising, since it has a beautiful white color, which breaks the conventional image of black scales. This white color is also present in the screen area, of a good size and adequate contrast, although it is true that it may not be the best option to help the screen be seen comfortably. However, we can always use our mobile to consult this data, as we will see in the next section of our analysis.

product connectivity

We have already discussed how this model can measure many parameters of your weight. Something that can be complicated to consult on the product screen that, being large, is perhaps not the best option for it. For this reason, this equipment also has Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to directly access the measured data from your phone.

This connectivity uses an app already known to users such as miBand. This application manages the data from Xiaomi’s smart bracelets, and can also take the data from the scale and integrate them efficiently. An aspect that avoids problems and that allows us to have all the data at a single glance.

Best of all, the application not only allows us to see the measured data directly, but also stores it, thus being able to see our evolution over time, with graphs and other aids that make it easier to understand the evolution of the data over time and as you pursue your goals.

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