Opinions about Zodiac MX8

Main advantage:

The suction force of this model is supported by a powerful turbine and the two propellers that raise the largest amount of debris so that the dirt from the bottom and walls is absorbed, while producing a random displacement that changes direction automatically to cover the entire surface. surface.   

Main disadvantage:

The operation of the device must be supervised near the pool stairs, since it can get stuck. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this pool cleaner you can maintain a 12 x 6 meter pool with crystal clear water, the equipment being compatible with the different models with polyester, PVC, concrete, tile coating, among others.

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Main Features Explained

suction power

Zodiac pool cleaners have emerged on the market as powerful and functional equipment in their category. In this sense, the MX8 model stands out for a suction system made up of a new generation suction turbine and two wide propellers, which remove dirt from the bottom of the pool and its walls so that it is absorbed by the pump’s pre-filter. or the skimmer.

The operating principle of this system is hydraulic, an economic alternative, since the price of this equipment is affordable for all budgets, if you compare it with an autonomous pool cleaner. For this reason, the MX8 is suitable for simple pools up to 12 x 6 meters, being compatible with different types of coating such as PVC, polyester, concrete, tile, among others.

Likewise, the performance of this equipment is well used in oval, rectangular or free-form pools with rigid walls, thanks to its displacement system, which we will discuss in the next section. 

However, the power source for this device comes from the filtration equipment that you already have in your pool and a minimum requirement is that the pump has a minimum power of 3/4 CV. If it is higher, the performance of the cleaner will be even better, especially when moving along the walls of the pool. 

For its part, the cleaning cycle recommended by the manufacturer for a pool of 12 x 6 meters is 6 hours divided into periods of 2 hours. In this way, all the work is done by the pool cleaner and you avoid the fatigue of doing manual cleaning. 


We already mentioned that this equipment is compatible with the different types of liners used in commercial pools. This compatibility is due to the toothed belt movement system that favors the stability of the MX8, while maintaining adequate motor skills both at the bottom of the pool and on its walls. 

Additionally, the integrated X-Drive system is responsible for the navigation of the pool cleaner, allowing complete coverage throughout the length and width of the pool, changing direction automatically and randomly, reaching a speed of 8 meters per minute. Consequently, all areas of the pool are efficiently vacuumed, according to the opinions and testimonials of its users, since the straps can avoid any obstacle such as lights, drains or steps. 

Due to its efficiency, the frequent use of the pool cleaner can cause the deterioration of the belts, but that does not imply any difficulty, since you can buy track tires on different e-commerce platforms, to make the replacement quickly and maintain good operation. of the MX8.

Dimensions and mounting

This model has a compact format: it measures 41 x 19 x 22 cm and weighs 3.2 kg, with a cleaning coverage of 36 cm. With regard to the accessories, the Twist Lock hoses are included, separated into 12 sections of 1 meter, an automatic flow regulator and a valve to place in the skimmer and regulate the flow in case of making the connection from there.  

It also comes with a 45° elbow and extension as well as a tapered adapter. That is to say, all the parts to facilitate the assembly of the pool cleaner and start using it in a short time.

To make the connection, you can use the suction mouth or the pool skimmer. In either case, the instruction manual comes with detailed information to do the correct assembly. 

Likewise, the manufacturer has a video tutorial on the Internet, which shows step by step how to use the equipment and take advantage of all its advantages, characteristics for which it is considered one of the best pool cleaners.

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