Philips AC3256/10 Reviews

Main advantage:

This air purifier is ideal for cleaning spaces of up to 95 square meters and highlights its practical touch screen that facilitates the use of this device. In addition, it has a silent mode function, as well as a HEPA filter that will help you clean the air in the room efficiently.

Main disadvantage:

This is not a compact air purifier, so before you get it, take into account its dimensions 36.6 x 25.1 x 69.8 centimeters and those of the room where you are going to place it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Thanks to the allergen mode, this device efficiently eliminates bad odors and harmful elements that float in the air of the room.

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Main Features Explained

embedded technology

Appliance technology is advancing rapidly and in recent years has taken a dizzying pace thanks to scientific and technological advances. Due to this, we can now find in the market a wide variety of devices and electronic devices ideal for each specific need and type of user. Therefore, one of the main opinions and recommendations that must be taken into account when choosing a certain product is to be completely sure and clear about your specific needs and the use that you are going to give it.

Air purifiers are household appliances that have a very specific function, so if you are thinking of purchasing one of these devices, you will surely already know very well your need and the specific use that you are going to give it. Therefore, we recommend that you analyze each model very well and look carefully at the technology that incorporates the model that most attracts your attention. 

Listed as one of the best air purifiers of the moment, the Philips AC356/10 incorporates several new technologies that optimize the operation of the device. One of the main ones is the new Vitashield IPS technology, which manages to eliminate in a natural way all the ultra-fine particles that are in the environment with a size of less than 0.02 microns, in addition to approximately 99.97% of the allergens found in the air.

On the other hand, Aerasense technology will help you to know the quality of the air, just like professional sensors, measuring said quality in real time and indicating the PM2.5 index that corresponds to any type of breathable particle. This technology manages to optimally calculate the useful life of the filter and, thanks to the “Healthy Air Protect” system, you will know immediately when you should change the air filter. Otherwise, the appliance will stop until the filter is changed.

HEPA filter

Filters are vital components for the optimal operation of even the best air purifier, since they have a basic function in this type of appliance. Filters work by retaining particles of dust, dirt, allergens and even gases or unpleasant odors thanks to their internal composition and purpose. There are many types of filters available on the market, some with greater efficiency than others, therefore, it is highly recommended that you take into account what your specific need is, what use you are going to give the filter and in which room you need to place the filter. purifier.

There is an air filter that stands out for its optimum performance by collecting almost all the particles that float in the environment and the polluting gases that generate bad odors in rooms: the HEPA filter. This type of filter is known for its high efficiency in cleaning the air of all types of particles that are harmful to health thanks to its three cleaning mechanisms, either by interception, impact or diffusion. These filters are made of a series of fibers such as fiberglass of different diameters.

This Philips brand purifier model incorporates one of these HEPA filters, which acts effectively against allergens such as pollen, pet hair, various types of bacteria and viruses, polluting particles, unpleasant odors, dust mites and various organic compounds. In addition, with the special design of the HEPA filter with NanoProtect technology with active carbon and extra thick, you can effectively purify the air in your room. In this way, you will be able to reduce the life cycle of the particles that are suspended in the air.

Control and noise level

On the other hand, there is an aspect that, although many users do not usually look closely at it, is of great importance, so you need to take care of ease of use and control before buying an air purifier model. Due to the infinity of models of electrical appliances that we can find on the market, you will be able to run into devices that are easy to use, but also with others that have a more complex control and management system, so it is possible that they can waste your time when you’re trying to tune them up and get them up and running.

The most current models of almost all electrical appliances usually already incorporate a practical touch panel, some more intuitive than others, which can make it easier for you to use the equipment. The same has happened with some air purifiers, which touch technology has favorably touched, as is the case with this Philips purifier. This model incorporates a panel with a full touch screen that facilitates the handling of the product, in addition to allowing you to know quickly and at a glance the setting you have chosen.

And, finally, another technical feature that we suggest you pay close attention to before you incur unnecessary or excessive spending is the level of noise that the air purifier can produce, since normally you will need to place it in your room or in your children’s. In this sense, the noise level is an aspect that will determine your comfort when resting, so it is necessary that it not be too noisy, however, the quieter the purifier, the higher the price. This device has a noise level of up to 63.8 dB, in addition to having an ultra-quiet operating mode.

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