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Main advantage:

The interior composition is a very flattering aspect of the mattress, as it brings together tested and certified materials through a layer-on-layer design. In this way, it offers a comfortable, stable surface with adequate support for the spine.

Main disadvantage:

The level of hardness offered by the resting surface seems to be a bit soft, based on some reviews found. Which might not be useful to people looking for a firmer mattress.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This mattress has independent beds for the rest of two people, offering a spacious format that is compatible with any type of bed. In addition, it has protection against bacteria, mold and mites.

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Main Features Explained

inner composition

Among the best viscoelastic mattresses is Pikolin’s Egeo, which offers a layer-by-layer interior composition with top-of-the-range materials. This construction method is quite convenient, since by combining various materials, the benefits offered for the correct rest of the body will be greater compared to other models. In fact, this is one of the features that attracts the attention of buyers, who do not let their positive opinions go unnoticed in the different purchase portals.

With regard to the construction of this type of memory foam mattress, you should know that it is not a process carried out lightly. On the contrary, it is a meticulous work in which the researchers have tested each of the materials and the different combinations when grouping the layers. All this, with the purpose of achieving an anatomical, ergonomic surface with the necessary stability for the body to support itself and achieve a natural posture that provides the necessary rest.

The interior composition begins with stretch-type textile fabric, which is a fiber with a robust body, characterized by its great flexibility and an adequate level of breathability. Next, the model attaches a sheet of ViscoCarbono, a material frequently used by sleep experts, due to its highly relaxing properties. In this sense, its incorporation into the design will allow you to get a restful sleep and get a better rest throughout the night.

In the third layer, the presence of an athermic fiber stands out, whose function is the free circulation of air, which is a very important aspect when resting to keep us cool. This is quite beneficial if we are in the summer season. To continue with the structuring of the layers, one of comfort polyester is incorporated, followed by another of Viscofoam soft and Viscofoam firmness, which together provide the design with support with softness and comfort. Finally, there is the Confortcel foam core, which allows the spine to rest by adopting its natural curvature, thanks to the firmness provided.

Design and format

Pikolin is a manufacturer that has been present on the market for approximately 70 years, offering its followers rest surfaces with anatomical, resistant, safe designs and with varied formats, which adapt to any type of bed.

On this occasion, it presents us with a model belonging to its line of viscoelastic mattresses, winner of the “Innovative Rest Award” for two consecutive years. A product that, according to the opinions of the buyers, has an accessible price and a design that has nothing to envy the competition. Likewise, a format with standard measurements suitable for two people and a medium hardness that allows the body to rest properly.

It is a viscoelastic mattress that at first glance gives us a feeling of elegance, thanks to the successful use of dark gray in the area of ​​the sides and a much lighter tone for each of the sides. In addition, the surface incorporates a series of decorative zigzag seams, which are visually pleasing and, as if that were not enough, add texture to said space. On the other hand, we have the embroidery that joins the covers with the structure, which provides both stability and resistance to the mattress.

Regarding the format of the product, we have that its height corresponds to 24 centimeters while the length – width of the surface is 190 x 135 centimeters respectively. These are spacious measures, designed to support up to two people and compatible with various types of beds. However, you must remember that these types of mattresses have their transpiration system on the sides, so using them in a bathtub bed is not convenient for taking advantage of their benefits. Without a doubt, this is a model that, due to its detailed and well-cared finishes, could be considered the best viscoelastic mattress.

Allergy treatment and cleaning

Memory foam mattresses are structures that are prone to being home to bacteria from the accumulation of dirt such as dust or crumbs, as well as mold generated by humidity due to lack of ventilation in the room. For its part, the natural flaking of our skin is the favorite appetizer of mites, who inevitably live in our mattress and sheets. Of course, not counting the mites. If we take all these factors into consideration, we will understand the importance of acquiring a mattress that has been treated to combat these agents. Likewise, it will be useless to have high-end protection technology, if we do not provide the bed with regular cleaning.

In the case of this model from the Pikolin house, we have that it has been provided with an innovative hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-mite treatment. It is a “triple barrier”, applied both on the surface and on the inner layers, developed based on a set of advanced techniques under his own patent. In addition, the mattress incorporates a foam layer in its composition layer by layer, which acts effectively against mites due to its hygienic barrier.

If we were to assess this Pikolin model with respect to its level of protection against the main agents that cause respiratory or skin allergies, it would surely be named one of the best viscoelastic mattresses. And it is that when reviewing the purchase portals, the product stands out for the positive opinions of users, who praise its high level of protection at a really competitive price.

Regarding the issue of cleaning and as we mentioned at the beginning, the effectiveness of this technology will depend largely on the maintenance that we provide both to the mattress and to the room. In this sense, you should designate one day a week to vacuum the rest surface and change your clothes. If possible, you can leave the windows and door of the room open so that the air circulates and avoid humidity problems.

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