Practical and discreet, this is the Ekolsund armchair

Ikea is a famous brand that is part of popular culture thanks to all its innovative creations. Among them, there is a product that will surely become a safe purchase in several homes: a practical and discreet relax armchair to adapt to any room. Common recliner downsides like oversized designs are a thing of the past with the Ekolsund model.

Relax armchairs are a type of furniture that, despite the fact that they are not found in all homes, should be, as they turn the simple action of sitting down into a complete relaxation experience that will surely make you enjoy watching TV, reading a newspaper or enjoy a nap that will recharge all your energies.

Being so comfortable, it is not understood how there are still people who do not have one of these in their living room, however, when taking into account the large dimensions that most of these armchairs have, their high prices and ostentatious designs, it is The decision of those who prefer not to have them at home is more understandable.

However, the previously mentioned characteristics do not necessarily have to be the ones that distinguish armchairs made for relaxation. For this reason, it is becoming more common to get more discreet and lower-priced models, adapted to the needs of many people. Ikea has applied these parameters in the creation of its products and, when it comes to easy chairs, this company has not changed its manufacturing method.

The magic of Ikea

Ikea is a multinational group that has been able to expand and become a world leader in the sale of ready-to-assemble furniture. Founded in 1943 in Sweden, this company has managed to generate billions of dollars and expand to more than 50 countries. Currently, Ikea has 443 operational stores, however, this number will continue to increase.

Ikea’s magic that has guaranteed its global success has been its innovative sales method. The company only has available furniture designed and manufactured by it, with the peculiarity that each of the things comes disassembled. The objects come with explanatory instructions and are easy to assemble.

In addition to this distinctive feature, Ikea furniture also differs from that made by other brands due to some notable qualities: Simplicity, practicality and good price. In the case of the EKOLSUND armchair, these characteristics stand out.

The relax armchair that adapts to any home

If you find yourself looking for the best relaxing armchair of the moment to relax and that can be adapted to any space in your home, then the Ikea EKOLSUND is a very good option for you that will allow you to rest whenever you want.

You will notice Ikea’s participation when you see its minimalist design, discreet and easy to combine with any environment. It is a unicolor piece in gray or pink, with materials that provide comfort and with soft edges to give it an attractive and simple structure.

Its finish is so well cared for that you probably think that its cover is completely fixed, when, in fact, it is removable to facilitate the cleaning process and, in addition, it can be placed in the washing machine to save you time and effort in washing.

However, an armchair has more important aspects than its design, although this is obviously quite relevant in the purchase decision. What should be valued most in a relaxation chair that, as its name says, seeks to provide relaxation is the comfort that it can offer to those who sit in it.

In this case, this model has everything you need to provide comfort as soon as it reaches your hands. Unlike some lounge-type relaxation chairs that have footrests separate from their main structure, the Ikea Ekolsund piece incorporates this detail to be more practical and compact.

It is a two-in-one model, since it serves as an ordinary armchair, but it also works as a recliner with a footrest included. The best thing about this innovative yet classic piece from the Ikea company is that the backrest angle can be adapted to you and your needs.

With a quick movement and without much effort you can choose between three levels of inclination so that your back has the rest and total relaxation that it deserves. You can use the chair with the back completely straight, opt for a minimal inclination or lie down completely. The structure will provide support for your head, neck, back and legs, and you will only have to worry about sleeping peacefully or enjoying that movie you chose to watch.

Long lasting

When buying this product, Ikea promises to offer you a 10-year guarantee, which is a great indication of its quality, since the armchair has all the necessary details to accompany you for a long time, since its materials are designed to enjoy a long durability.

The back cushion has a suitable construction to fit the body and, together with the seat cushion, it is filled with polyurethane foam. This does not make the padding more comfortable, but constant use does not affect the ease of adaptation of the product. The cover of the cushions, meanwhile, is made of polyester. This detail provides a smooth texture and optimal resistance to frequent handling.

On a scale of 1 to 8, the covers of this piece of furniture have a level 6 resistance to light. This figure is suitable for armchairs for domestic use and, for that reason, you will be sure that the fabric will not lose color quickly and will remain looking like new for much longer.

As for abrasion, you can put each of the covers in the washing machine without worry, as the rigorous tests of the materials resulted in a resistance of 50,000 complete cycles.

All this contributes to giving you an armchair with a long useful life, so that the whole family can enjoy optimal relaxation.

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