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Pets can be considered part of the family and living with them every day is enriching. However, having an animal in the house brings with it additional dirt that, in some cases, can be difficult to deal with. In these cases, some recommendations to take care of the home do not hurt.


Having a pet at home offers joy, company and many memorable moments that can even lead them to become one of the most important members in the lives of many people.

However, being responsible for an animal entails a large number of obligations that, in addition, can affect hygiene at home due to multiple factors.

In case you find yourself in this situation and want to improve the quality of cleaning in your home, below, we will indicate 10 tips that you can follow, to achieve this and more:

pet grooming

The first thing will be to focus on the proper grooming of your pet. For the most part, people choose to keep cats and dogs at home. If your case is the second, you can largely forget about grooming, since cats bathe themselves and usually maintain fairly high hygiene with little or no help from their owner.

If you have a dog at home, there are several factors to take care of, to guarantee both its hygiene and that of the home. For example, the type of coat and its length must be taken into account, as well as whether it requires cuts every so often.

However, regardless of whether the dog has long or short hair, these animals do require regular baths. The smell that these pets give off is quite characteristic and can be easily impregnated at home, so you need to bathe your dog with shampoos that are suitable for their skin type and that are aromatic, to impregnate the fur.

Cleaning your personal space

Cleaning at home when you have a dog should focus primarily on the pet’s own space, since, regardless of whether it has regular baths or not, if it sleeps in a dirty bed, it will smell bad just the same.

In this sense, it is necessary that you ensure a good level of cleanliness in the area where your dog rests, in order to prevent odors, such as dust and loose hair, from adhering to its clean fur and ending up contaminating it. Likewise, this is crucial to ensure good health in general, both for the dog and for the other members of the family.

food storage

Dog food usually gives off a noticeable aroma, thus being more attractive to pets, but this smell can be unpleasant for the human nose, which is why you should try to keep your food sealed and stored in a dry place. This will prevent the kitchen, garage, or pantry itself from becoming tainted with the smell.

The same goes for the bowl; try to empty it every time you finish eating, in order to prevent the aroma from reaching the furniture and curtains, in addition to preventing obesity in the pet.

floor care

Keeping floors clean and dry is essential to combat dirt at home, and when you have a pet that possibly urinates from time to time, this becomes even more important.

To clean the floor thoroughly once the pet has peed, first dry the surface with paper towels, and then apply a mixture of vinegar with water that you must dry again.

If you want to prevent the bad smell from penetrating the floor, you should also apply a little baking soda, which you will then moisten with a mixture of dish detergent diluted in hydrogen peroxide and dry one last time with paper towels.

Vacuuming of furniture and carpets

Something complicated to deal with at home when you have a pet, be it a dog or a cat, is the hair. It does not matter whether your pet has short or long fur, since, in the same way, it will shed hair and it can get entangled in all kinds of fabrics, in addition to simply falling to the ground.

To deal with this inconvenience, some highly recommended tools could be Rowenta vacuum cleaners. The line of this brand offers equipment with which you can easily treat all types of fabrics and furniture at home. Also, if you don’t know which Rowenta vacuum cleaner to buy, you will easily find comparisons in sled, handheld, broom-type models and many more.

Try to use your Rowenta vacuum cleaner frequently on spaces such as the bed, the furniture, the carpet, and occasionally on the curtains. All of these areas are hotbeds for pet hair, so keeping them pristine is crucial.

home ventilation

Another very useful and effective tip to keep your house free of bad odors, due to your pet, is to ensure good ventilation on a daily basis.

In this case, we advise you to open the windows wide for at least a few hours during the day. This will help bring fresh air into the rooms and carry away any built-up scents.

air purifiers

Air purifiers are appliances with the ability to clean the air in the environment, to rid it of harmful agents that can cause discomfort when breathing. To treat odors at home they can also be very effective, especially if they have the ability to use essential oils.

sources of aromas

Another alternative to add pleasant aromas to spaces at home are aromatic candles. They are a cheaper option and, depending on the quality of their manufacture, they can be used for several days.

You might also be interested in spray, plug-in, or gel air fresheners. They are available in a wide variety of scents, so you can choose your favorite scent to enjoy at home.

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