Princess 152006 reviews

Main advantage:

This automatic bread maker stands out mainly for offering a functional and versatile design. Thanks to this, you can prepare various types of bread, yogurt, jam, cake and even rice. Likewise, it has a practical kit of accessories that favor the preparation of any recipe.

Main disadvantage:

The user manual could be improved, since its instructions for use are not clear enough. However, since it is an intuitive model, this detail does not affect its handling.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a model that enjoys an excellent value for money, since it offers great features and has an affordable cost, compared to other similar products.

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Main Features Explained 

Versatility and efficiency

Having a busy lifestyle and little time to cook is not an excuse to skip eating important foods in your daily diet. For this reason, for your breakfasts, you now have the best bread machines on the market; appliances that make your life easier, since you can prepare the most nutritious breads, to your liking and free of harmful ingredients and artificial preservatives.

In this sense, today we present the Princess 152006 bread maker, a model that offers you the best homemade bread every day, regardless of your skills as a baker. It is a versatile and efficient machine, since you will not only be able to easily prepare the bread that you like the most, from a delicious banana bread to a nutritious rye bread; but also, you can make cakes, jelly, jam, yogurt and even rice or rice wine.

It is a bread maker that saves you a lot of time when it comes to cooking and that also makes it easier for you to prepare breakfast or dinner for your family without much effort. To do this, it has an intuitive digital timer, thanks to which you can set the specific time for the start of cooking, up to 13 hours in advance.

For this reason, to enjoy a breakfast at 9 in the morning with a freshly baked bread, it will not be necessary to get up early to knead or bake. With this machine, all you have to do is add the ingredients for the preparation the night before, set the timer to start the task at 6 in the morning and simply forget about work. You will have warm and crusty bread for your whole family and without any effort; In addition, thanks to the heat preservation function, it is a product that keeps bread warm for up to an hour.

Design and capacity

Today, bread makers are the best option for making bread in the comfort of your home, and this model makes your task easier, thanks to its easy-to-use design. To do this, it has an LCD screen and an intuitive digital control panel, so you can easily select the program according to the preparation you are going to do and view all the settings on the screen.

Its white casing is made of heat-resistant plastic and has a safety mechanism that prevents overheating. It is also an easy device to clean, since you can easily wash its parts in the dishwasher. Likewise, it has a top cover with an integrated window, which favors the visualization of the process. In addition, in order to prevent the machine from slipping during kneading, it has a non-slip base.

The Princess bread maker also allows you to prepare loaves of various sizes, depending on the needs of the family. So you can make bread from 680 g to enjoy 8 slices, or up to 900 g for approximately 14 portions, which is enough for everyone’s breakfast at home.

It is a robust, safe and powerful culinary tool, it weighs 5.75 Kg and measures 35.5 x 23.5 x 31.5 cm. Likewise, it offers you a power of 600 watts and 3 adjustable color options for the crust of the bread, whether you prefer white, medium or dark golden bread. In addition, it has a mold or bucket where the dough is prepared and baked, with a capacity of 0.9 kg and equipped with a non-stick coating; which prevents the preparation from sticking, while favoring its cleaning.

Programs and accessories

The opinions of many users position this automatic bread maker as a good purchase, given its great utility in the kitchen. To do this, it has 15 preprogrammed cooking programs, which you can easily select on its control panel. This will help you always find the most suitable program to prepare the bread that best suits your food needs.

Among the included programs that this device offers you, we have 8 automatic settings for you to prepare, for example, sweet bread, gluten-free bread, whole wheat bread or French bread. But you can also determine if you want to add some kneading or even fermentation time to the process. Likewise, it has three ultra-fast programs and if you want to prepare a cake, yogurt or jam, it is also possible to make them with this appliance.

It is a bread maker specially designed for people who suffer from allergies to gluten or for those who need special diets in their diet. Therefore, you will be able to prepare, in a simple and fast way, fresh bread without gluten or a healthy wholemeal bread. Furthermore, for the preparation of any recipe, you only need to add the necessary ingredients and select the most convenient program.

On the other hand, this machine also offers you a kit of useful accessories, with which you can give free rein to your imagination as a baker. For this, you will receive, in addition to the baking pan, a measuring cup for exact amounts of liquid and a double-capacity measuring spoon, so you can measure the amount of ingredients in each recipe.

You will also receive a removable hook to stir the dough, a mixing and kneading paddle built into the bowl, which allows the mixture of ingredients to become a homogeneous dough ready for baking. Likewise, the kit includes a practical recipe book and a user manual.

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