ProPlus 370412 Reviews

Main advantage:

This portable WC has been specially designed for picnics and beach days, with a simple operation and easy to maintain, as well as a size and light weight to carry the product wherever it is needed without much effort.

Main disadvantage:

Due to its characteristics, we are talking about a product that is somewhat shorter than other portable toilets on the market, although this obviously has the advantage of making the model even more portable, as befits a model for camping.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A simplified version of these products, at an adjusted price and that is among the best portable toilets for your camping days, so you can take it wherever you want without complications.

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Main Features Explained

extreme portability

Among the opinions of the ProPlus 370412 portable toilet, the considerable portability that this product makes available to users stands out. An aspect that is highly appreciated when going into the field or in the forest when going on an excursion. Times when the last thing we want is to have to carry bulky and heavy objects.

If we take a look at the numbers, we will see how this portable camping toilet has compact measurements, with an approximate height of about 33 centimeters. Something a little lower than a conventional toilet would be, although it will not be difficult for you to adjust to it. In fact, you can always look for a space with a little more height than the ground when placing it, to have extra comfort during use.

Regarding its weight, since we are talking about a product made of plastic, it is considerably light, although resistant. Therefore, you won’t have to join a gym to take the product with you wherever you want, nor will you have to play random to see who takes it.

Waste evacuation system

Another aspect for which this model stands out is the way of disposing of waste once used. In this case, we are not dealing with a product with a cistern and that uses chemical products, as is usual, but the WC includes an inner basket, which we can extract from the product when it is necessary to empty the toilet. Inside the WC there is a second basket, in which the waste itself is stored, for better cleaning.

This leaves us with certain options to keep the product adequately clean. Among them, some comments recommend using sepiolite or cat litter inside the waste tank, which absorbs liquids and prevents odors as long as we do not clean the tank again.

Another option is the use of plastic bags, similar to those that are also used in cat litter boxes, in which to collect this waste and conveniently remove it when necessary. An optional process that, in any case, is a good alternative to having to carry the weight of a water tank as well as the expense involved in the special liquids used in conventional portable toilets. So as an alternative, it is something more than interesting.

comfort of use

In case you are still not sure if this should be your choice among all the portable toilets that we have on the market, we are going to see some more details about its operation and its most comfortable features.

One of the most outstanding is the comfort that it offers us when using it, for which it incorporates a seat of conventional design with a lifting lid. Therefore, the sensations are going to be the same, more or less, that we would have in a conventional bathroom. On the other hand, it also has the corresponding closing lid, so bad odors are not a problem in case we do not empty the product once used. Something for which a second cover is included, which precisely closes the tank space, for better insulation.

Other details of that comfort have to do with the handles of the product, located on the outside of the product. These handles make it easy to move the product wherever we want, as well as place it comfortably where it is needed. In addition, one of these handles has a holder for the toilet paper roll, so that you will always have it at hand when necessary.

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