PURLINE Rafy 51 Reviews

Main advantage: 

Using this air conditioner is very simple, as it has three specific buttons to choose the speed, the “Cool” function for cooling and the oscillation of the front louvers to better distribute the air in the room. 

Main disadvantage:

Adding a timer is an aspect to improve in this equipment, since many devices currently have this function to optimize its use and avoid wasting energy.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This air conditioner is compact, has an ecological operation and its energy consumption is low, so its purchase is recommended to ventilate the rooms without excessively affecting electricity bills.

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Main Features Explained


In many dry regions, the best way to ventilate rooms is with evaporative air conditioners, since the lack of humidity can even affect rest time, while conventional air conditioners greatly increase electricity consumption.

For these situations, equipment such as the PURLINE Rafy 51 is widely recommended because it works with the principle of evaporation to generate a cool breeze that will make any environment more pleasant. But how does he do it?

This particular kit has a 4 liter water tank to which two bottles of ice, also included, can be added to maintain a lower temperature. When the water evaporates, a mixture of water and air molecules is generated that ventilates the rooms, and if the Cool function is activated, cooler air is produced, improving its efficiency on hot days. 

All this is possible thanks to the 75W power of this air conditioner, which results in low energy consumption that will not negatively impact electricity bills.

On the other hand, you have the advantage of regulating the speed in three levels and activating the oscillation of the fins to better distribute the air. 

Filter and design

If you are concerned about the quality of the air that you and your family breathe, with this air conditioner you will not have that concern, since it incorporates an active carbon filter recognized for its efficiency in absorbing harmful particles, purifying the air, as well as offering a great durability.

We also highlight its design of this model, because in the end it will be one more appliance in your room and we know that you are interested in its appearance so as not to affect the decoration of the home.

In this sense, the PURLINE Rafy 51 has been designed with a compact format and in a black and white style to offer greater elegance. Its dimensions are 25 x 29 x 58 cm and it weighs a little more than 5 kg, being easy to move from one room to another because it incorporates four wheels for its transfer.

Additionally, on the front of the air conditioner you can see a water level indicator, to know when it is necessary to recharge the tank, which is very useful to avoid damage to the equipment.

In the opinions of many users we can see the acceptance of this device, both for its operation and for its appearance, since it definitely looks good in any part of the house.


This ventilation equipment has numerous advantages that position it as one of the best evaporative air conditioners on the market. First of all, its energy consumption is much lower than the cooling systems we are used to.

Secondly, we emphasize that this is a clean type of ventilation that does not produce CO2 emissions because it uses water as a natural coolant. In turn, this process is very beneficial for dry environments because it humidifies them.

Regarding the power of this equipment, we can say that it is enough to offer an air flow of 400m3/h, being suitable for rooms and small rooms. Likewise, it is advisable to place it near open windows or doors, as they are places with air currents that optimize ventilation in the equipment.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that the price of this product is very competitive if you compare it with how expensive air conditioners are, so its value for money is positive, since the cost is low, the electricity consumption is also low, and its benefits more than compensate the investment.

Now, you will surely want to know if the PURLINE Rafy 51 is very noisy, and according to the technical specifications this equipment generates 56dB of sound, a level considered acceptable and that does not disturb the rest of the family. For all these reasons, it is among the favorites of buyers because it is very useful for the home or office.

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