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Tres leches cake is a delicious dessert or snack, with which to enjoy the different flavors that milk offers depending on your treatment. A dessert as interesting as it is little known in our country that, thanks to our homemade tres leches cake recipe, you can comfortably enjoy at home.

Although it is not a well-known dessert in Spain, the truth is that the tres leches cake is a delicious sweet that is worth trying. This recipe comes from Latin America and has different versions, so we can talk about a Venezuelan, Colombian or Peruvian tres leches cake, which are the most outstanding. However, the version that we have included in this recipe is the one that serves as a base, since it is precisely in the part of the auction where there are more differences.

On a technical level, the preparation of this sweet tres leches is very simple and consists of a cake made with a classic recipe, although with certain details that make it more appetizing, such as a touch of vanilla. Where the secret lies is in the cream that is used to finish off this tres leches dessert, whose preparation is somewhat more complex. 

For this reason, this 3 milk cake recipe has been of medium difficulty, requiring around 90 minutes to prepare it. However, most of this time belongs to baking, so it is not one of the most laborious recipes that we have discussed.


Before getting down to business, it is necessary to go through the pantry to get the necessary ingredients to prepare this cake. For the tres leches cake we will need:

– 6 eggs

– 200 grams of flour

– 200 grams of sugar

– a tablespoon of yeast

– A spoonful of vanilla essence

For the cream:

– a can of condensed milk

– a can of evaporated milk

– a can of milk cream. 

To make the meringue:

– 3 egg whites

– a cup of sugar

Preparing the cake

The first elaboration that we have to execute is the sponge cake, which serves as the base for the cake. We will start by heating our oven or mini oven to 200 degrees while we make the dough. To do this, pour the eggs into a bowl, which must be beaten until a fluffy texture is achieved. To this mixture we will add the eggs and we will add the sugar little by little, without stopping beating.

We will do the same with the flour, which we must add little by little and by means of enveloping movements. The idea is to keep the dough moving at all times, until it triples its volume. We finish it with the teaspoon of vanilla, to give it an extra touch of flavor.

Finished the mixture, we just have to pour it into a mold greased with butter or baking spray, leaving the cake in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. Since it is a simple preparation, it can be done in any quality oven or mini oven. In the latter case, it will be easier for you to open the door and pierce the cake, to see if it is ready.

Making the cream

While the cake is baking, it is time to prepare the tres leches cream. This one has evaporated milk, condensed milk and milk cream. It is essential that the three milks have the same presence, so it is essential that you buy the same size cans or that you weigh each milk, in case any of them is homemade or the cans are different. In general, 400 grams of each of them is enough for the cake that we have been commenting on.

For the preparation of the cream, we pour these milks into a mixing container that has sufficient capacity. Due to the texture of the milk, it is best to use a hand or rod blender to proceed with this mixture, being essential that it is homogeneous and the different milks are well integrated.

preparing the meringue

The last preparation of this dessert and perhaps the most complex of all is the meringue. We are not going to expand too much, since on the net it is easy to know how to make a meringue. In general, it is enough to beat the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar until the mixture has the desired texture.

It is important to be careful with the amount of sugar, so as not to overdo it. Let us think that the milks that we have commented have a high content of lactose, the milk’s own sugar. Therefore, the sponge cake will already have a high level of sweetness, which can be excessive if we add a lot of sugar to this meringue.

Assembling the tres leches cake 

Once we have all the elaborations prepared, it is time to assemble the cake. We will take the sponge cake and pour over it the three milk cream that we have prepared. To do so, we can leave the cake in the mold or remove it and place it in a suitable source. In both cases, it is enough to pour the cream over the cake, until it is adequately absorbed.

Next, we only have to pour the meringue on top of the cake or on the sides, with the decorative approach that we like the most. A task for which we only have to set our imagination free and achieve the shape and finish that we like the most.

As a finishing touch, we can add different decorative ingredients such as a little cinnamon, cocoa powder or some small fruit, such as blueberries or raspberries. It is better to bet on fruits that are more sour than sweet, to give an interesting contrast to the cake.

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