Recipe Chicken Mircles

fried chicken gizzards

How to make fried chicken gizzards Preparation time1 hour 30 minutesCooking time1 hour Number of diners: 4


  • 500 grams of chicken gizzards
  • 150 milliliters of white wine
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 pinch of pepper
  • a bit of parsley
  • a splash of olive oil

1. The first step in preparing the dish is to know how to clean the gizzards properly, since it is essential that they remain pristine . Although the gizzard is sold already cleaned, in theory, it should be cleaned again at home. To do this, it is necessary to wash it intensely under the tap. In this process, it is advisable to remove the remains of blood, as well as the skin and any other residue that remains.

2. The next step in these chicken gizzard recipes is to soak them for about 15 minutes in a container with vinegar and water . After that time, we wash them and drain again.

3. We place a saucepan on our induction hob, where we add salt and water. We wait for it to boil. Next, we pour the chicken gizzards and leave them for about 40 minutes. The idea is to leave the tender chicken gizzards for the next step.

4. We follow our recipe for chicken gizzards by chopping garlic and parsley. Pour the ingredients into a frying pan , add enough olive oil and cook.

5. Cut the gizzards into pieces suitable for cooking, rather small, throwing them in the pan and sautéing them until they turn golden. Once the gizzards are ready, this preparation serves as the basis for any gizzard recipe you want to make.

6. We finish the recipe by adding the white wine and let it cook for another five minutes, until the alcohol evaporates. You can use conventional white wine or some odorous wine, if you prefer. Finished this step, all that remains is to remove from the heat and serve.

other tips

If you want to prepare chicken gizzards in sauce, this recipe serves as a base. It would be enough to add what you want to the recipe at the time of adding the white wine . The options are multiple, so you can make them with tomato, with a spicy touch, with curry or with any other mixture you want.

In case you want to prepare chicken gizzards with garlic, it would be enough to fry them with a lot of garlic and add water, to form the sauce. The same happens if you want to make garlic chicken livers or garlic veal sweetbreads.

In this case, we have talked about chicken gizzards, but it is also possible to prepare this recipe with pork, veal or any other animal gizzards.

One of the keys to getting a proper dish is cleanliness , since these entrails tend to store a lot of dirt. If you don’t know how to clean beef, pork or chicken sweetbreads, there are videos on Youtube where they explain it to you. Do not have a problem taking the time you need in the cleaning.

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