Recipe for seafood spice

Seafood salad – homemade recipe

How to make easy seafood salad Preparation time30 min  


  • 6 cooked prawns.
  • 1 cooked octopus leg.
  • 3 crab sticks.
  • 1 piece of green pepper.
  • 1 piece of red pepper.
  • 1 piece of onion.
  • Olive oil.
  • 3 tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Salt.
  • 1 teaspoon of sweet or hot paprika.

Seafood salad is one of the favorite dishes of lovers of maritime products. It is a very versatile recipe in which the ingredients can be easily substituted, for example, changing the crab sticks for mussels or any other seafood that you like.

This is a typical dish from Spain, although its concept varies greatly depending on the area in which we find ourselves. The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines this recipe as: “Stewed meat, fish or shellfish shredded with pepper, onion, vinegar, salt and oil.” Although in other meanings of the word it is defined as a fish or seafood dish marinated with vinaigrette.

Originally, it was a traditional dish of humble people, which was made with minced meat that was stewed slowly and to which a little pork bacon was added and it was seasoned with vegetables, pepper, vinegar and salt. In this sense, the salpicón appears in Don Quixote de la Mancha and, a recent ethnological study, indicates that in the 18th century the cow’s salpicón was a very widespread dish in Spain, since it was cheap and very nutritious.

Due to the evolution of cuisine and society, which has facilitated access to more ingredients, this dish has changed a lot. Today, its ingredients come from the sea and have become cheaper, so it is even possible to find frozen seafood salpicón, which only has to be heated a little to serve.

In this sense, the key to seafood salad lies in the salad dressing, which must have the perfect balance between vinegar and pepper to combine with the rest of the flavors of the vegetables and seafood.

To prepare the salpicon, you must first chop all the vegetables into very small pieces. Next, we will do the same with the octopus leg and the crab sticks, we will also peel the prawns, cutting them or leaving them whole, according to your tastes.

Once everything is ready, we will put the seafood and vegetables in a bowl and mix everything well, to reserve it in the refrigerator. 

To prepare the vinaigrette, in a large glass or container, pour the oil, the tablespoons of vinegar and the paprika. Mix everything well, add salt and pepper and stir again.

Finally, we take the ingredients out of the fridge and bathe everything well with the vinaigrette. This dish should be served very fresh, so if you are not going to serve it when you add the vinaigrette, it is best to store it again in the refrigerator.

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