Recipe Limena causes

cause to limeña

Causa limeña – peruvian recipe Preparation time30 minCooking time20 min


  •  Potatoes (1kg)
  •  Lime (1)
  •  Yellow pepper (1)


Filling Ingredients:

  • Chicken (500g)
  • Mayonnaise
  • avocado (1)
  • onion (1)


 Other ingredients:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  •  Pepper
  • Tuna (optional if you don’t want chicken)

The cause of Lima is one of the most iconic dishes of Peru, a country that has won multiple world-class gastronomy awards. Therefore, it is worth learning how to prepare this recipe that you will surely enjoy.

Using an induction hob or a conventional stove, the first step to making the chicken stuffed causa is to cook the potatoes and, while they are still hot, press them so that they take on a fairly soft texture.

You must add the chili, the lime juice and season the potatoes, mixing and kneading. You will notice that the mixture becomes creamy and, at that moment, when everything is well integrated, you should divide everything into 3 parts to proceed to reserve.

Depending on the filling you have chosen, you will have to cook the chicken or the tuna. If you chose the first, it will be necessary to unravel it, and if you chose the tuna you will have to shred it to mix everything with the mayonnaise and the previously chopped onion.

As you do this, add a bit of salt to the mix and test for goodness. If it is, reserve. Proceed by cutting the avocado into not very thick slices. Maximum half a centimeter thick.

The key to the Lima cause is the plating, therefore, this is a step that you should always do carefully. It is important that you try to make everything as good as possible, because the presentation of the dish is what distinguishes it from any other common mashed potatoes.

In this sense, take a plating ring and place it on the plate. There you will put a third of the potato dough, making sure that the surface is as flat as possible. On this, place the avocado and add a little salt and pepper. 

For the second layer, cover the avocado with another third of the dough and stretch. On this you must add the chicken or tuna filling, helping you with a fork so that everything stays in its place and without risk of being destroyed when you lift the ring. On the chicken you must place the last layer of potato dough. 

To finish, there are those who add a little mayonnaise on top to decorate, with some chili. Others prefer to place a black olive, a piece of boiled egg or even both. All of this is completely optional. 

As for the decoration of the plate, there are those who add lettuce leaves around it to give a little more detail. Others, for their part, prefer to add a little huancaína sauce to give it more flavor, something that is also characteristic of Peruvian cuisine.

After completing all these steps, you will only need to take a bite and enjoy a pre-Hispanic recipe that has managed to remain relevant over time.

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