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Finding a good cookie recipe can be quite a challenge, as each person has their own methods when it comes to cooking. However, a popular alternative that maintains its original essence is oatmeal cookies, due to their health benefits and rich flavor.


Oats is a kind of cereal from poaceae plants. It is rich in various nutrients and can be consumed in flakes or powder prepared in different ways, whether they are drinks, desserts, sandwiches, breakfasts, among others.

In addition to this, the nutrients and other components of oats have made it a staple food for some people, especially at the beginning of the day, considering the high levels of energy it can provide.

If you want to know more about what you would get with a regular consumption of oats, now you will know some of its benefits.

Benefits of oatmeal

They produce satiety: Oat flakes are capable of increasing their volume by retaining water, so, being in the stomach, they increase the feeling of satiety during the day. This will help you not to overeat and feel less hungry.

Weight control: By promoting the feeling of satiety, oatmeal is also able to help with weight loss, since the person who consumes it will be able to move away from unhealthy foods more easily.

Digestion: Being made up of a high percentage of fiber, regular consumption of oatmeal improves digestion, so that discomfort such as gas or fluid retention is avoided.

Sugar: At the same time, the presence of fiber in oats is responsible for reducing the absorption of sugars by the stomach, preventing it from reaching the blood tract and lowering its levels. This is very helpful for diabetic patients, for example.

Cholesterol: Contains a component called beta glucan which, when ingested daily, can reduce the presence of bad cholesterol in the blood, in order to also control triglycerides.

Energy: Foods that contain oats provide energy, so eating them for breakfast will help you feel better for the rest of the day.

Immune system: It has elements that improve the capacity and resistance of the immune system, protecting you against multiple diseases.

Nervous system: This aspect is benefited considering the B complex vitamin that is usually found in oats. It provides a better balance and functioning in general of the body.

Bones: It could offer prevention effects against osteoporosis, thanks to the high calcium content it contains.

Tissue regeneration: Oatmeal contains a lot of protein, in order to provide a broader regeneration of tissues in the body.


Oatmeal Cookies

Among homemade cookies, oatmeal recipes are a healthy option that provides multiple benefits to the body, in addition to being very tasty, depending on how they are prepared. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is one of the most popular thermorecipes, to be made in mini ovens, since they are delicious and well cooked.

Ingredients needed

To make homemade oatmeal cookies, you must first mix the dough and for this you will need the following ingredients:

120 grams of oatmeal flakes

40 grams of wheat flour

40 grams of sugar

60 milliliters of sunflower oil

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 pinch of salt

1 egg

Preparation of the tray

Before starting with the preparation of the dough for the oatmeal cookies, it is recommended that you have the oven heating up, since it should be at about 200 ° C, by the time you insert the tray.

In turn, you need to put parchment paper on the tray to prevent the cookie dough from sticking when cooking.

Preparation of the dough

Start by taking a bowl and pouring all the ingredients, and then mix them until they form a homogeneous paste. You can do it with a hand paddle, with a mixer or also with a kitchen robot, as you prefer.

You will want to mix everything until the mixture has a doughy consistency, but pliable, to be able to handle it easily and prevent it from spilling on the tray. With your hands, form balls of dough that you will later crush a little, until you obtain the desired thickness. Be careful not to make them too big or too small, to ensure a good cooking of the dough.

taking them to the oven

Go carefully placing them on the tray with waxed paper and respecting the necessary space between each one, to prevent them from sticking. Now, take them to the gas, electric or mini oven (in this link you can find some purchase options) that you have at home and leave them inside for approximately 10 minutes. Check that they have browned without being too toasty and they will be ready to take them out.

Now, all that remains is to let them rest, so that they cool down and you can enjoy them with a glass of milk or with your afternoon coffee.

Too sweet?

In case you prefer to prepare some oatmeal cookies without sugar, you can replace this element with sweetener and thus make them suitable for not breaking with your diet. These healthy oatmeal cookies can be a good alternative when you feel like eating between meals, as they will be able to satisfy your hunger without affecting your weight too much.

A delicious and healthy sandwich

As you can see, these are some cookies that are easy to prepare at home and that offer a very appetizing flavor, as well as benefits for the body, which will help improve different aspects, and even avoid inconveniences later on.

Making this cookie recipe one afternoon can also be considered a good activity, which you can add to those ideas in 5 minutes for children who are capable of changing a moment of boredom, since it is an activity that offers fun, entertainment and time for relaxation. quality to share with the smallest of the house. Also, who knows, maybe it could even spark a natural interest in cooking with healthy and tasty recipes.

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