Recipe of homemade albondigas

Homemade meatballs in sauce

Preparation time30 minCooking time25 min


  • Ground meat (200g)
  • Tomato paste (200g)
  • Egg (1)
  • Breadcrumbs (200g)
  • White onion (1)
  • garlic cloves (2)


Other ingredients for seasoning:

  • Thyme
  • Salt
  • Pepper

If you are looking for recipes with minced meat, this could be the preparation you need, because you will learn how to make homemade meatballs that anyone will surely like.

For this recipe for meatballs in sauce it will be necessary to use a meat grinder if you do not have ground meat . Also, you should know that it is a preparation for 2 people.

Start by finely chopping the onion and garlic to start the recipe by frying these ingredients. When these elements are already golden, remove them from the heat to reserve.

After grinding the meat, in case it is not ground and place the 200 grams in a container. There you should start to season it.

The spices we recommend for the preparation are thyme, salt and pepper. However, taste is a very individual thing, so you can add more things like oregano or cumin, for example.

Add the egg to the meat and mix. Make sure that all the elements are integrated correctly. After this, you should incorporate the onion and garlic until everything is well mixed.

Start adding the breadcrumbs to give everything a better consistency and proceed by kneading. The final product should be easy to shape and handle, and should not stick to your hands.

Since the dough is ready, now it’s time to shape the meatballs. Therefore, make small spheres. Try to make them all the same size so that they have the same cooking time and, when finished, reserve.

Now that the meatballs are ready, it’s time to cook them. Therefore, you will need to prepare the sauce for meatballs . To do this, you only have to place half a glass of water in a pot and add the tomato paste. If you wish, you can season to taste.

Add the meatballs, cover the pot and let everything cook for about 25 minutes so that the meat is well done. If you think it’s still a bit undercooked after the time has passed, then keep checking the meatballs until they’re done.

With everything finished it is time to serve the meatballs. Choose the complement you prefer and serve everything with a ladle, as this way you will be able to preserve the greatest amount of sauce and prevent it from spilling when you remove the meatballs from the pot. After this step, the only thing left to do is enjoy.

The great thing about this recipe is that the homemade meatballs can be eaten with any side dish. They are excellent to accompany some delicious spaghetti, a portion of rice and even to eat them with bread. In addition, their versatility and good flavor makes them a successful food with the little ones.

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