Recommendations that every pregnant woman can apply to sleep cool in summer

It is proven that sleeping poorly or for a short time is one of the main causes of multiple diseases. The reason is very simple: our body uses the time we spend sleeping to repair the metabolism, as well as the hormonal system, so not taking a complete rest or not enjoying the adequate hours of sleep per day can cause you some disease such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

On the other hand, sleeping while pregnant can end up being quite a complication due to different reasons. Much has to do with the hormonal changes that occur in the state of gestation, so that in the last trimester of pregnancy the movements of the fetus and the desire to go to the bathroom become more recurrent, as well as the craving for childbirth.. In addition, everything becomes more complicated as the stomach increases in size and back pain becomes more common, so finding a comfortable sleeping position can be difficult.

And don’t even think if, for things in life, you have to spend the whole summer pregnant. Between the uncontrolled hormones and the heat, getting a good rest becomes a problem. Remember that with pregnancy and because of hormones, the normal temperature of the body increases. Because of this, it is very common for your feet to swell or, in the worst case, for you to go into labor early, since the heat can cause some uterine contractions to appear.

The lack of sleep that is accentuated in the last trimester of pregnancy is another reason that tends to increase premature births. In view of this, we have to pay full attention to bedtime to avoid causing harm to the health of the baby or the mother, so we recommend that you follow the advice that we will share with you later, so that you can be completely at ease and comfortable, even when summer has arrived.

The importance of sleeping with air conditioning

As we have already learned, hormones cause a rise in body temperature during pregnancy, which causes the pregnant woman to take much longer to fall asleep, since studies have shown that our body tries to normalize body temperature at the time of pregnancy. To fall asleep.

Doctors say that if it is very hot at night, you can sleep with your air conditioner set at a temperature of no less than 26 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature for sleeping while pregnant. Avoid being in front of the air stream at all costs and remember to program the automatic shutdown so as not to exaggerate your energy consumption.

However, do not worry if you do not have an air conditioner in the room, since there is an alternative for these cases. If your budget is a bit tight to buy an air conditioner, you can buy a good fan that, together with our advice, will allow you to sleep cooler (by clicking on this link you will find some purchase recommendations).

But, before continuing, we will try to answer the following question that we ask ourselves: is it harmful to sleep with the fan on during pregnancy? For a long time, the issue of the difficulty of sleeping during pregnancy while it is hot has always been well known, so if we want to alleviate the level of heat when sleeping during pregnancy, it is perfectly advisable to install a fan. However, be careful not to place it too close to you, as the device is intended to help keep you cool at night and allow you to rest comfortably.

Taking this into account, it can be said that sleeping with a fan during pregnancy is not harmful. In fact, some people consider that the air generated by these devices is notably cleaner and more beneficial than that provided by an air conditioner, which tends to cause some adverse effects such as drying out the environment, increasing the possibility of contracting a cold or some condition in throat. The fans, therefore, provide you with soft air that maintains the natural humidity level of the environment.

Tips for pregnant women to sleep well in summer

A very good advice for pregnant women is to avoid copious dinners, since in order to fall asleep properly, nutritionists recommend staying away from meals at the last minute, and that they are neither greasy nor highly seasoned. In this way, you will guarantee a smooth digestion and you will be able to sleep in the way that a pregnant woman needs.

Failing this, try to make your dinners as light as possible, in addition to the fact that it is highly recommended to eat the last meal of the day approximately two hours before going to bed. Foods such as lettuce, wholemeal bread and baked potatoes share a property: these three foods induce sleep. For this reason, a light dinner with one of these elements is recommended.

Also, consider reducing your fluid intake to the point where you can stay hydrated, but don’t have to get up as often to go to the bathroom, to avoid breaking your sleep cycle.

Among the final recommendations is taking a correct posture when sleeping, especially considering that the belly grows every month and while it reaches its maximum size, basic actions such as breathing become slightly difficult. Doctors recommend getting used to sleeping on the left side of the body, since in this position you eliminate the pressure on the liver. Many mothers recommend using cushions or pillows between the legs and in the lower back. In this way, you can avoid the annoying cramps that are generated in the lower extremities.

Finally, it is highly recommended to create an exercise routine that lasts approximately 15 minutes before going to bed. Practicing relaxation of the legs, neck and back together with your partner will allow you to relax, while sharing a special moment with another person.

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