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The floor is a surface that is no stranger to being filled with dirt of all kinds; for that reason, you have to constantly clean it. However, when it comes to paint stains, cleaning may require a few tricks to be effective. Knowing what they are is necessary to facilitate the process.

To breathe new life into your home, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, although you might think otherwise. Really, it is only enough to paint the bathroom floor or change the color of the wall to change the appearance of your home. However, if you’re not careful, it’s possible to get paint splatters in places you don’t want, and sometimes a paint stain can be very difficult to remove.

The most recommended thing is that, if this happens, you clean everything while the paint drops are fresh, because that way the process will be easier. However, if the paint stains have already dried, this does not mean that it will be impossible to remove them, only that you will have to clean with different elements to effectively remove the residue.

How to remove paint from the floor?

Before you start cleaning, you first need to determine a few things: what material the floor is made of, and what floor or wall paint has gotten on it. In this way, you avoid using any element that can damage it.

1) Water paint

Whether it’s tempera, watercolor or cold paint stains, then it’s really easy to get rid of the color, no matter what the floor.

In case you have to clean stained terrazzo or wood, it will be enough to make a mixture of water with alcohol and rub the place. However, on other surfaces, you will only need water and detergent to get rid of the color. It does not matter if it is a red paint stain or a blue paint stain, because with these solutions you can eliminate them.  

2) Plastic, latex or oil paint

In case you need to remove wall paint that has fallen on the floor, you will have to carry out a slightly more complex process.

To be able to remove this type of paint, it will be necessary to have a spatula and a solvent. First, you must remove the excess paint using the spatula very carefully to avoid damaging the floor. After that, apply the solvent and rub with a brush to see the results.

3) Synthetic paint

When painting the interior ceramic floor of your house, your doors or your furniture, you probably used a synthetic enamel, since this type of paint usually has a quite bright and striking finish.

If this is your case and, by accident, this paint fell on another surface, then you can remove it in two ways: with paint thinner for an “aggressive” solution, or with makeup remover wipes. The latter are not usually very used to carry out this work; however, it is an effective element that, in addition, will leave a good aroma in the place.

4) Acrylic paint

In any list of paints for exterior terrace floors, you will surely have read about acrylic paint. The reason why it is never missing from any list is because it is an element that can be easily adapted to different types of flooring.

It does not matter if we are talking about wood, concrete, cement or brick, because if it is a paint for exterior floors, this model will always be among the first options.

In the event that this paint has stained another floor in the home, most of the time a mixture of hot water and detergent will be enough to make it impeccable, especially if it is fresh or takes a short time to dry. However, if you’re looking to remove paint from wood, then you may need other options.

To begin with, if there is a lot of paint, it is worth scraping the stain with a putty knife, to remove the excess and facilitate the process. However, remember to be careful not to damage the wood.

Proceed to wet a cloth or a brush with alcohol and begin to rub the paint, trying not to get out of the place so as not to damage the floor. Keep going until you see the paint slowly fade away. When finished, moisten another cloth and remove the alcohol from the place, ending with drying the floor.

What to do if there is too much paint?

In case the stain is very large, don’t worry, there are still home remedies to remove the paint from the wood, although the process may take some time.

For these cases, it is necessary to acquire a hot air gun that weakens the paint. After this, it will be enough to remove the excess with a spatula and, when the wood is cold, pass a damp cloth over the place.

How to clean porous stone?

The case of porous stone is quite special, so care must be taken when removing any paint. This is because porous stone is a material that has the quality of absorbing almost any substance, so if you use the wrong elements to clean it, you could completely damage it.

Do not use solvents, bleaches or any abrasive element. The best way to remove the paint, if it is fresh, is with hot water, as this will respect the properties of the stone. However, if the paint is already dry, then you will need to use products made specifically for this type of flooring.

Prevention is the best trick

In case you want to paint the floor, the wall or the furniture in your home, always look for the right paints for each surface and take all the necessary precautions to avoid splashes and stains.

However, as an accident can always happen, it is advisable to memorize these tricks and be prepared. That way you will already know what to do, so you can act faster and take advantage of the fact that the paint is fresh to clean the dirt. After finishing, all you have to do is find an electric broom and a mop to leave your floor impeccable again.

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