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With a presence in the market for more than 30 years, robot vacuum cleaners have found a special place in our homes, managing to keep our houses free of dirt, as well as facilitating daily tasks. For today’s modern family, there will always be a Roomba adapted to their requirements.


There are different brands of robot vacuum cleaners on the market. However, Roomba are among the preferred for its efficiency, durability and ease of use. In addition, whether low, medium or high range, these have been designed to be within the reach of each family. But, like all appliances, due to their continuous use, they can sometimes present some operating problem, which can be solved in a practical way from home, without the need to go to the technical service.

Roomba: cleaning technology within everyone’s reach

Each Roomba series has attributes that characterize it. In addition, they have the possibility, depending on the model, to reset their programming to the original factory parameters without prejudice to their basic functions.

We will start with the Roomba 615 and Roomba 620 models. These, once their batteries are charged, are ready to be used and although they are not programmable due to their low cost and high performance, they are among the best sellers, since there are no notable differences between them. They have a range of more than 70 minutes and facilities to empty the tank manually. In addition, when their battery runs out, they return to their bases to recharge.

For its part, the Roomba 681 is programmable, we can classify it as mid-range, since it does not use mobile application programming. But, it has built-in displacement sensors so you don’t bump into objects or fall down stairs. In addition, it has an AeroVac to filter the air by 99%, among other advantages.

Finally, the so-called high-end Roomba 965 and Roomba 981 allow programming through a mobile application, since they have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, which gives them greater autonomy. In addition, they have sensors that give you a wider field of vision.

All these models, as well as others, are part of the great iRoomba family. According to its functionality-autonomy-price ratio, you can choose from a basic one to a more sophisticated one without depriving yourself of the possibility of having one.

How to reset a Roomba

The reset of the Roomba robots is necessary in the case of sale or transfer to another user, so that he can program it to the situations of his home. As well as, to solve unexpected behaviors or situations, connection errors to the home Wi-Fi network or others; such as resetting Roomba’s battery from the robot itself.

However, depending on the model purchased, some considerations must be followed, such as those indicated below. The important thing is to always place it on the charging base before manipulating any button.

For the 600 and 800 series models, the Spot Clean, Dock and Clean buttons must be kept selected at the same time for 20 seconds until an audible signal is emitted. While for the 900 series, the same keys must be kept pressed simultaneously for 10 seconds, until all the LED lights turn on.

On the other hand, in the models of the I, S and M series, the Spot Clean, Clean and Home buttons must be selected simultaneously until a ring of white light is observed around the Clean button. Unlike the E series that once 20 seconds have elapsed these buttons must be released.

For other more basic models, such as the 500 Series, the Dock and Spot buttons must be pressed at the same time for 10 seconds, until both the light on the Clean button and the robot itself turn off. However, sound signals are manifested confirming the successful reset.

If we go to the first models such as those of the 400 Series, in these the reset is not confirmed by any light or sound signal. To do this, you must remove the battery, place it back in its original position and keep the Power button pressed for 30 seconds.

Other Roomba faults

Although our goal is to provide guidance regarding the reset of these robot vacuum cleaners, there are other cases that can prevent the operation of these smart appliances, such as:

Change the battery to the Roomba . This type of maintenance does not require a reset, replacing the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions and turning on your Roomba will suffice.

Roomba does not charge. This occurs mainly due to two situations: the first is when the battery is about to end its useful life, so it must be replaced with a new one. It is observed when when starting up your Roomba it stops immediately, not finishing its planned cleaning cycle and its charge lasts less and less time. The second situation occurs when the contacts of the base and the vacuum cleaner are dirty, observing that the roomba does not charge in the base. Which is solved by cleaning with a dry cloth.

-Connect roomba to wifi. The first thing is to verify that the power of your network is accepted by Roomba and then proceed to configure the application through your mobile device. When it is not possible to configure, it is necessary to reset according to the model.

The reset from the mobile application settings or from Roomba itself will take the robot to the initial factory settings. Which will make it necessary to reset the preferences for language, internal clock, connections and mapping.

If the reset is done through the mobile application, you must first have your mobile connected to the same network as your Roomba; Secondly, you must go to the settings and select “factory reset” or “delete”, selecting the name of your robot.

To conclude, we can conclude that robot vacuum cleaners will continue to evolve and incorporate accessories according to emerging technologies and market demands. The same happens with cameras, which are becoming easier to use and offer excellent results. If you are looking for an interesting model for its performance, you can take a look at a professional 360 camera, which will allow you to take wide shots for your photographic projects.

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